What type of services can print providers aggregate to their clients?

February 21, 2023

To include new features or add value to print management, it is expected some type of services that print providers can aggregate.

Print providers need to adequately themselves to the new requirements of their clients to keep their competitiveness in business. Commonly, the market has its particularities, as we showed in this article about the print management market in Europe and India.  

There is common ground that some services could be added in some places. When a print provider aggregates other services to print management, it creates new possibilities for clients, which need to be well-guided about the new features or services. 

This possibility, of course, does not surpass the necessity of offering a good print management service, such as job accounting, the supply management (including toner). See some services that print providers use to aggregate in print management: 

>> NDD Print 360 is one of the best solutions for print management. Learn more about the features! 

Cloud print management

With hybrid work or home office, the offer of services in the cloud gained importance. The main benefit is no exclusion of local installation in the clients’ machines, besides an easy way of setting functionalities, such as print policies or quotas

As we showed in this article, NDD Print offers efficient security protocols, like firewalls and tools to guarantee access control. When a company centralizes resources in the cloud, it becomes easier to offer services to partners, regardless of their size, assuring cost reduction and enhancing advantages. 

Print mobility

Another consequence of hybrid work or home office, some companies need print mobility, aligned with agility and productivity – three concepts searched in operations. This tripod became essential for workers to remain in their homes and maintain business operating efficiently. 


Print providers aggregate this service. Most devices can print and digitize. Many organizations are trying to reduce or eliminate paper in their daily routines. Learn how to give the first step toward digitizing

Digital workflow

When we talk about digitizing, we mean to offer features beyond simple digitization, such as workflow digitalization. Companies can establish a digital workflow aiming to guarantee the efficiency of this process.  

This feature ensures that files are saved in the appropriate locally and allows companies to search for information in a repository of the company, which demands an OCR technology. We explained this feature in this article

Device management

Print providers are embracing the device management of notebooks, desktops, tablets, and other devices. A Grand View Research showed that this market should expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.8% from 2021 to 2028. How can an MPS offer this kind of service? Learn more in this article

When companies are outsourcing less strategic tasks, a print provider must accompany the main trends of the market and include an infrastructure able to supply the new requirements of their clients. 

Are you ready for the future of the MPS? Can your company aggregate new services to their clients? Talk to an expert and ask your questions about NDD Print 360. 


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