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What is a digital workflow?

August 22, 2022

Digital workflow means the company can eliminate paper forms and documents. This must be appropriated, organized, and communicated to people.

The digital transformation is a way with no return, mainly after Covid-19 pandemics. For many organizations, especially those that deal with a high volume of printing documents, the digitalization of information became an essential step, which should grow faster in the future: 60% of the companies in the US expect to digitize their workflow

Digital workflow means that the company can eliminate all paper forms and documents. It becomes easy to find information about the company in different sectors, from customers to private data from the enterprise. Trying to guarantee the efficiency of this process, many companies are committed to workflow automation. 

Although it seems an easy task, the digitized workflow must be appropriated, organized, and communicated to people. If the company fails in this activity, each worker adopts different procedures, wherever is the quality of the documents, the way to nominate the files, or to save them. The consequences? Sometimes, the company had the files digitalized, but cannot find them.  

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NDD Print Digital Shift

For organizations that have difficulty to give the first step toward the future, the Digital Shift was born as a facilitator for large, medium, or small-sized companies. Its features aim to give the necessary support to companies in a transition moment, offering several advantages: 

Digitalize where you are – Are you at the company? Great! It is possible to use scanners or prints. Are you at the home office or traveling? The application uses the camera of the smartphone and gives the proper instruction. 

Organization – One of the difficulties for companies is to organize digitalized documents. In the Digital Shift, it is possible to shape personalized settings: each department sends information for one or more repositories. That is the way to guarantee centralization of the information in one place, simplifying be founded. 

User flow – The workflow defines how workers will name the file or select the place to save them, creating a pattern that will support an organization. The flow depends on the user and not the equipment. 

Intuitive use – The workflow settings are easy, quick, and intuitive. For users, the daily use is simple. 

Digital Shift in three steps

Step 1 – The digitalization flow is defined by the company. It lasted less than a minute, detailing selection, place to save, quality of the files, and others attributes. 

Step 2 – When workers go to digitalization, they only need to select the proper workflow and fill in the required information (one or dual-sided, orientation, quality, and color). Each department has its only workflow. If the company prefers, the configuration will happen automatically. 

Step 3 – The worker clicks to digitalize, and the document will be processed and sent to the proper place.  

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