The divergence between counters and print job accounting

December 13, 2022

The divergence between counters and print job accounting is a regular situation in the printing fleet, and the solution is not simple or follows a standard rule, requiring attention from the print provider.

It is not rare a difference from what indicates the device’s counters and print accounting in a print fleet, creating divergences. The terms generate doubts among the less familiarized with the segment. In many cases, the number difference establishes noise in the communication between the managed print service and their clients, besides management issues. 

Let’s understand the differences between counters and accounting: 


They indicate the number of print pages of each device. Machines have more than one counter, aggregating different information (pages A3, A4, digitizing). Therefore, it is necessary to sum up the different counters to know the volume of impressions. 


It is qualitative data, informing details of each print. It can bring data about the user’s name, the number of pages, the file title, the exact date (with day and hour), and the device that supplied the order with technical data (serial number and IP). 

It is correct to say that the counters collect quantity information of each device, while accounting offers the ability to analyze the data. Besides, accounting can happen in different forms, evolving operational systems, physical counting, or integration with other solutions. 

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What are the causes of the divergences? 

As we said earlier, there are differences between the data presented from counters’ devices and the system of print job accounting. There is no simple answer, requiring qualified professionals to study and work in the print fleet. They will understand how devices operate.  

The divergences may occur due to how data are summarized by counters or even from the source. Each printer has the most reliable locations to acquire data and eliminate differences. Also, the printing fleet is a complex environment, which requires creativity to deal with it. 

Some companies struggle to gather information because of the print models, the manufacturer, and even how devices work in the print fleet. Therefore, it is necessary to count on the guidance of people with technical knowledge of the print management market for a fair process for all people and companies involved. 

In the print management market, transparency is an obligation, since it is a service that requires confidence between companies. In this scenario, the role of the print provider is to clarify and guide the places where data should be collected to avoid misinformation and not leave them out. That is the way MPS can support its clients. 

Since the divergence occurs in all manufacturers and models, the company will have to figure out a way to deal with the print fleet. That is a challenge for print providers according to the print management and concerning the relationship with their clients. 

Accurate information is necessary 

Indeed, the print provider and their clients must receive accurate data to enhance the decision-making process. Exact information will be necessary for several areas, from maintenance schedule to supply management and replacement, including toners. Both items have variable costs that interfere with the contracts. 

Good data management will keep the devices working properly and provide assertive decision-making based on a complete vision of the print fleet. It will also satisfy the operation of several features: 

Print policies

It helps increase management of print supplies, with automatic rules, according to device, position, or employee. You can read more about it in this article

Print quotas

The feature allows setting rules, methods, and boundaries to define the application of resources. Understand more here! 


It identifies inconsistencies, avoiding maintenance and assuring the proper operation of devices. The MPS and their clients must know what data they should rely on. 

Print providers can solve the divergence between counters and accounting, but it requires experience, transparency, and knowledge to deal with the misinformation and its impacts. Also, that is necessary to gain the trust of their clients. 

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