Why NDD Print works better in complex environments?

July 25, 2022

Education, healthcare, financial and legal are four examples of sectors that can benefit from a print management solution; learn more in the article.

The technology possibilities transformed how we lived and brought much more complexity to administrate services, such as print management solutions. That became clear in the last two years, when the pandemics had shifted many aspects of our lives, including our work habits. We are now talking about working from home or hybrid environment, which enables new difficulties to manage offices. 

But the technology also creates solutions for the new complexity. That is the case with print management. Platforms such as NDD Print supports companies with several subsidiaries, but it is also a proper solution for some complex and distributed environments, such as educational, healthcare, legal, and financial. In one of our articles, we showed how retailers can benefit from a print management solution

One of the most wanted features by managed print services and their clients is the secure print release, which contributes to mobility, agility, and productivity. With the new distributed environments, print management solutions needed to evolve to reach the requirements, which properly transforms the cloud to offer features cheaper and simpler.  

In the specifics of print management, one of the main difficulties is to account for every work, a relevant requirement for the solution to understand the print environment. With this reasoning in mind, guaranteeing the diversity of job accounting is important, including USB printers (which could be a crucial part of the print environment). 

Let’s see some benefits of NDD Print in complex environments: 

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1. Education  

Schools and universities print thousands of documents every single day, spread out on several campuses and offices. With a print management solution, it is easy to reduce costs, improve workflows and optimize supplies (papers and toners), without overloading your IT team. An MPS can help maintain and oversee your print environment, taking the burden off your staff. 

Some information, like device usage and ink and toners levels, help administrators to make decisions to keep devices healthy, provided consumables, and reduce paper waste. It is easy with a SaaS solution in the cloud, which dismisses IT administrative concerns about driver and software installation besides device configurations. 

Another benefit is the possibility to set print policies and learn how much each employee print in a period (month, day, or year). That will support future decisions that are related to business goals. 

2. Healthcare 

Healthcare is another sector in that print management solves several questions. Besides the same issues in the education sector, there are important concerns of security, especially the attempt to keep patient records confidential.  

MPS can help in this task by evaluating your print environment for potential security risks, monitoring your print environment, and installing app-based secure print programs on each device. It also guarantees the safety of the data that goes through printers

3. Legal and Financial 

Legal and Financial companies maybe are two types of companies that most need print documents. Despite the attempts to digitalize the judicial procedure and the flow of approval, there is still the necessity to have some archives at hand. MPS assures that the company can focus on the processes, guaranteeing those devices will operate properly.  

By maintaining each printer, MPS supports law firms to stay ahead of any printing issues, replace outdated devices, and look for opportunities to reduce costs. There is also the possibility to enable a digital workflow, which can enhance companies’ productivity. Concerns about privacy and security are also important in those sectors, so audit features contribute to compliance concerns. 

Those sectors are four examples of complex environments where NDD Print operates smoothly. At the same time, the solution can offer sensitive data from the print environment (including the home office), features that help companies to focus on their business, and also the possibility to reduce costs and get the best use of their supplies, achieving the full benefits of a print management solution. 

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