Five advantages to hiring a SaaS solution of print management

March 4, 2024

Technology platforms allies cost benefits, scalability, and accessibility.

Many companies think that developing technological solutions is an easy path than hiring products that already exist in the market. In most of the cases, this is a big mistake, except, of course, in strategic departments for the corporation. In the print management sector, it becomes a smart step to try to find well-established companies in the market.

The best technological platform for Managed Print Services (MPS) operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS), which offers a simple road for the most of the clients and helps to overthrow day-to-day problems. It is easy to explain: instead of buying software, it is as if the company rented a solution, considering a level of usage, many users, and other criteria.

In the majority of cases, installation and integrations of SaaS are very simple, especially when you take into consideration the dissemination of cloud technology in the last years, simplifying daily routines. Another important point: it is possible to scale or reduce contracts, which makes it easier to modify arrangements according to business necessities at that moment.

Besides this kind of investment, these solutions must follow future trends, case of digitalization toward digital transformation, and secure releaser of printings.

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What are the benefits of a SaaS solution?           

We listed five advantages of counting with a SaaS solution for print management.

1 – Cost

As we said earlier, the company eliminates the costs of installation, as well as maintenances and updates. That way, the prices are more accessible than hardware solutions, which require time and adjustments to start to work. Another benefit is the fact that there is not necessary to buy licenses.

2 – Scalable

The company may hire a volume that fits its necessity at that moment. If there is an increase, it is possible to easily scale; in case of reduction, the client may renegotiate the contract for the future demand. With this characteristic, the SaaS solution becomes a possibility also for small and medium-sized companies that can reach technology and solutions that could be inaccessible for them.

3 – Accessible

SaaS solutions are easy for final users. In the majority of the cases, it is just necessary to have internet access and a browser to reach administrator panels, which offer the possibility to follow Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is possible to issue reports.

4 – Time optimization

With simple and quick implementation, the organization gains time using this kind of solution. The IT department does not concern anymore with the functionality of the service, since it is the responsibility of the company hired to offer a print management solution. Your team can focus on strategic activities, including the development of a solution for your customers. 

5 – Simple updates and no compatibility issues

With physical solutions, the day reserved for software updates was cloaked in fear. It could generate headaches and several productive days wasted. SaaS solutions usually have simples and quick updates – most of them can be automatically set. When they happen at the same time in all of the devices of the team, the company avoids other regular trouble in local systems: compatibility issues.

If your business is thinking in invest in a print management solution, technologic platforms developed and distributed as SaaS, as NDD Print, are cheap, agile, and quick. 

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