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Management and performance for the printing business

NDD Print is an international solution focused on the printing market, with technologies for printing outsourcing and customers of these providers.
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Tax Document processing and management

We are the largest player considering the volume of tax documents processed in Brazil. Discover what our customers already know and be assured that your operation will not stop.
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Payment methods for freight and supplies

Comply with ANTT's requirements with ease and flexibility, using a digital solution for secure management of payment methods, freight, and supplies.
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Tax and financial planning for freight

Discover the only platform on the market that guarantees Validation and Automation for Freight Operations, resulting in cost reduction and eliminating Tax Liabilities for your company.
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We add value to data to transform the world

The world is constantly changing, and we cannot be left behind. In a universe where technology is transformed in the blink of an eye, we provide intelligence to data transmitted through our systems. We transform complex into simple and bring value to the business of our customers and partners, reducing costs and increasing productivity in their operations.   

We integrate companies, technologies and an ecosystem of partners

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We believe the results and recognition of our partners are worth a lot

We seek the best results through the experience and agility that every business requires


Have absolute control of your printer fleet


Optimize supplies and centralize your operation management


Maximize return on your contracts and save on toners and other supplies


Go further with solutions designed for the digital transformation of the printing market


Audit and reconcile all your tax documents and freight payments


Have full control over improper payments and additional expenses


Stay on top of information about new tax obligations


Connect our solutions to any international TMS

Proudly a global company!

With operations in more than 35 countries, we have more than 500 experts dedicated to developing agile and robust software solutions to the international demand and global customers.

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