NDD FRETETax intelligence in every logistics process
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NDD FRETEFreight taxation expertise behind Oracle OTM
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Peace of mind in all freight stages for the transportation of goods, from shipment to delivery.

Automation, agility, and security in operations at the lowest cost. NDD Freight is the only platform on the market that guarantees validation and automation in freight operations, resulting in cost reduction and eliminating tax liabilities for your company.

Management and auditing of freight documents, eliminating tax liabilities

Reconciliation of forecast x actual operations

Automation when issuing and receiving tax documents of the operation

Automated, audited, and reconciled billing

Control of undue payments and additional expenses

Guaranteed operational and tax reduction in your freight

System integration

NDD Frete plans, determines, issues, receives, implements, and directs the payment of documents required by the Brazilian supervisory bodies, so that a Purchase Shipment coming from your system is legalized for conducting the transportation, through integrations among the agents involved.

Ideal for companies wishing to operate in the Brazilian market.

Tax and tariff estimation;

Tax planning and enforceability;

Issuance of tax documents;

Electronic freight payment;

Freight payment tracking;

Tax credit calculation.


This makes NDD Frete the perfect choice for you

NDD brought all its expertise in DFe to NDD Frete. With NDD, your company can anticipate potential tax risks and request cancellation, or any other action in order not to take risks of potential fines, either by the Tax Authorities or ANTT.

Tax Compliance

Data Security

Solutions for Electronic Tax Documents

Proprietary integration WebServices

SOA standard OEBS integration

Integration with Legacy Systems

TAC Contracting and Payment Integration

Freight Payment

Calculation and payment of toll vouchers

CIOT issuance and safekeeping

Real-time verification of deliveries

Reduced integration costs with ERP

Connector takes on part of the integrations

Multiple methods of capturing data

Capture files from a directory,an email account or from a Web Service*

Solution already integrated with NDD Freight standards

Standard integration of NDD products

*Connectivity of this service to a Web Service must be previously approved by project, as each Web Service provides a distinct structure that must be interpreted by the NDD service.

OTM & NDD Frete Ecosystem

More possibilities and results for your business

NDD Frete and OTM provide, through their systemic integration, thorough management for the freight stages and their logistical events, from Originating Documents - at Receiving and Issuance - to the final payment process, through the entire tax and financial chain .

Appropriate for your business, NDD Frete adapts to your performance profile, for both Shippers and Logistics Operators.

We are in good company

Act like companies in Brazil and worldwide, choose NDD Frete

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