What is a secure print job?

March 14, 2022

Companies try to amplify safety print, following the legislations about data security and the new demands of customers.

Since August 2020, Brazil has had specific legislation about data protection, known as LGPD (GDPR). In other countries of Latin America, the care and requirements about this kind of sensitive information from the customers are older: Colombia, for example, has had a law since 2012; in Mexico, there was similar legislation since 2010.

According to the reality of each country, the legislations count on their specifics, usually related to their unique matter. The data legislation has clear purposes looking from a general perspective: protect citizens’ rights of liberty and privacy, standardizing and bringing juridic security for the theme.

Besides the law, the customers demand data concerns of the companies. When a dealer can assure print safety and information privacy in documents, like the function “secure document release”, it becomes a market advantage.

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Safety print

Organizations are worried about the data that move around management systems, like ERPs, limiting access to departments or people who need the information contained in documents, following the legislations. However, print documents also need to be tracked to guarantee safety print and one of the most usual features is the so-called releaser or secure document release.

Releaser or secure document release is a key role component to assure productivity enhancement at corporations. It also became a need for companies, following the legal demands and the clients’ pressure about safety print and data.

What is a safety print?

The first important aspect is to certify that the data that pass through the printers are safe. In NDD Print, the solution assures a safety print inside the corporation: only the person who sent the document for print can remove them for the trays. These requirements protect the sensitive information of the dealers and their customers without gathering any private data.

The releaser function is a private cloud that centralizes and retains all the documents. This way, the employee needs to validate the print at the device, with biometrics, badge, password, PIN, e-mail, or even the smartphone. The idea is to prevent that essential document stays on the printer trays, creating security holes.

One of the advantages is that documents wait in a unique line, which opens the possibility to be printed on any company device, regardless of your location – so it is possible to send the order and take the document to another headquarter. Most relevant: all the documents are accounted for, which assures the management successfully for dealers and customers.

The releaser function generates other benefits:

  • Resources optimization (paper and toner);
  • Productivity enhanced;
  • Reduce maintenance costs;
  • Better use of the devices;

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