Why should you apply the digitization workflow?

December 20, 2022

Companies usually start the moves with digitization workflow, reducing the amount of paper daily.

Companies lived through a forced digital transformation process in the last two years due to the pandemic. One of the consequences of this transition period is the reduction of paper in the daily routine. The passage for a paperless organization happened unplanned and naturally in some cases. Before we follow this article, it is necessary to understand the concept of both terms: 

– Digital transformation – It is the conversion of physical to digital information. However, the process does not consist of simply scanning documents or transferring audio and video to the hard drive (this is only the beginning of the transition). The goal is to change all the processes and operations, converting the routine of coworkers. 

– Paperless – The purpose behind the paperless process is to eliminate paper use in companies. Email dissemination and fiscal documents’ digitization, among other changes, facilitated the process. In theory, a company that succeeds through a paperless flow will not have any dependence on paper. That is a trend in the business sector, as we explained in this article

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The necessary transition 

Many organizations expected to change from the analog to the digital universe even before the pandemic. However, the requirements of this period drive the necessary changes in the future, regardless of the business sector. 

It is not news that digital transformation usually changes the workflow in companies, including cloud solutions. Digital data allows companies to access information and shift inefficient flows, promote new technologies and enhance decision-making. The adjustment optimizes costs and time, adopting specific solutions for business. 

Digital transformation represents an advance to assure business competitiveness. Technology is essential to keep costs under control and enhance service quality. That is also related to the paperless routine, from the issue of financial documents to customer service. 

The print provider’s role 

Being successful in digital transformation is not easy. It demands planning requirements, the search for solutions, and overcoming coworkers’ barriers because of the changes in their routines. In this context, the print provider has an important role. 

It is a paradox, but many paperless solutions derive from companies that provide print solutions. When assessing the market and anticipating the new requirements, as the hybrid work, they included new features in their operating model.

The print providers offered services, such as the Workplace as a Service (Waas), supplying computers, notebooks, and other devices for coworkers to produce from their houses. 

Recently, Gallup research showed that almost six of ten workers (59%) prefer hybrid work. That brings a new perspective for organizations related to the way they produce, please their clients, and keep the specialized workforce. 

While many organizations are struggling, print providers offer solutions that fit into the new reality of business. If WaaS is right now a distant reality, companies should start the digital transformation process and search for paperless somehow.  

NDD Print Digital Shift is an easy way to move toward this future with just three steps: 

  • Creating a digitization workflow: The client will use this parameter to scan, according to a pre-configuration (quality, one or two-sided, orientation, standardize files and names, and so on). 
  • Digitization: The worker just needs to select the digitization workflow at the device. 
  • Flow: The document will be processed and available in the destination repository. 

NDD Print Digital Shift is the ideal solution for companies that live the digital transformation process or want to reduce the amount of paper in their offices. 

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