NDD PRINT 360Efficient accounting of everything that is printed

Support your customers in print accounting

More than offering simple accounting of impressions to your customers, you can help them go further.

The NDD Print 360 allows you to register and assign printing costs for sharing and better visibility.

It is possible to identify who, when, and where each user printed and if the impressions are suitable and necessary for the business. It is the control your customers need so much to optimize costs. 

Several ways to identify what is printed

With the solution installed, the printer's origin can be identified by accounting, whether by spool (print queue), physical, local, or by users.

Besides this system, the NDD Print 360 allows the correct allocation of costs. Using the Chargeback function, users assign print job costs to customers, processes, or accounts. It can be used to summarize print jobs for the selected purpose, being able to view and filter reports later.

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