NDD PRINT MPS Optimize your supplies management
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Supplies can represent up to 40% of the cost of MPS contracts

To reduce the costs and optimize the supplies management, NDD Print MPS does a complete monitoring of supply data, allowing agility in decision making.

From the page counts, the solution’s algorithm calculates the indexes to identify when the supply will run out. On that way, you will be able to ship the toner right on time, avoiding premature exchanges.

NDD Print MPS analises the printer behavior

Using this data, the solution identifies the current consumption profile, page coverage average, and the history exchanged supplies from the printers, giving a better result for the supply management.

The solution also identifies whether the toner has been exchanged before it runs out, causing an unnecessary exchange.

With all these features, the dealer has more precision, to identify when the supply needs to be shipped to the customer.

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