NDD PRINT 360Simple and secure document scanning

Support to join the efficient digitization of documents

The Digital Shift is an NDD Print 360 solution to support companies on their digital journey, offering simple and secure document scanning.

Responsible for the entry and organization of the digitized documents to repositories of the customers’ choice, with the creation of digitization flows through intuitive forms, which take seconds to be created.

Besides that, it has a mobile application*, offering all the benefits of Digital Shift in organizing scanned documents in the palm of your hand, with an efficient and complete application, without depending on any printer.

*To use the mobile app, you must have an NDD Print 360 license

Support for companies of any size

The solution NDD Print Digital Shift supports companies of any size, as it has digitization streams to create, customize and send documents to different repositories.

The settings are standardized and centralized by administrators, and the guidelines are customizable.

It is possible to create flows per user, and the flow will be registered independently of the equipment used for digitization.

On the Digital Shift mobile application, it is possible to scan documents directly from the smartphone’s camera, being able to adjust the files, with cropping, conversion, and rotation, and being able to store them directly in clouds, like Google Drive, for example.

The Digital Shift benefits

Easy and centralized management of document scanning, with a solution embedded in the equipment

Simplifies and standardizes the processes for entering digitized documents

Efficient management of the digitalization process, naming, and management of electronic files

Easy integration with other GED, ECM, or BPM tools, allowing the creation of a workflow

Fast and secure sharing information

Increased productivity and optimized working time

Promotes an excellent user experience from simple interfaces for creating forms and scanning

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