Why should you be careful about toner performance?

October 3, 2022

One of the essential supplies for a print fleet, toners can be easily managed, enhancing profitability without interfering with the routine and the quality of documents

Toners are one of the most expensive items to be managed in a print management supply for dealers. Several factors interfere with their costs: research & development, supply, and demand, and a relatively short life-cycle, besides foreign currency for some countries since it is a material valued in the dollar and costs more than famous fragrances of the market. 

Within a print management environment, the attention to the toners’ cost gain relevance, because it interferes directly with the organizations’ results. Total print costs can represent between 1% to 3% of business revenue, according to Gartner Institute

Solutions aiming at effective control of toners’ use are being targeted by the company. Those strategies gain traction when they can be adopted without disturbing the corporate daily routine. The solution must not interfere with workers’ productivity. 

Clients are accepting NDD Print EcoToner attempting to save toner consumption due to the facility and control offered, which results in a print management supply. Other aspects are relevant as the accounting, but the high cost of toners makes this an important intent. 

How EcoToner works? 

The feature helps to obtain the maximum efficiency of toners, offering control and profitability. With EcoToner, the dealer and the client can adapt print tone levels. It is easy to set and quickly extended to all the print environments, amplifying print management supply. 

NDD Print EcoToner operates by reducing the levels of ink consumption: 20% less does not interfere with document quality, while 60% makes it more unclear to read – and used only for internal purposes. There are no other alterations to document content, such as pixel removal.  

The client can set the limits aiming to save toner consumption: internal documents can be more ‘light’ and ‘blurred’, while external use more toner aiming quality. In this case, it is possible to save at least 20% without disturbing routine or document quality. 

What are the benefits of EcoToner: 

  • It operates with any printer brand; 
  • Works in all sorts of documents, texts, or images; 
  • Simple to configure and quickly extended to all print environments; 
  • Flexible and adaptable; 
  • Save from 20% to 60% of toner consumption.  


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