Give the first small step toward digitizing

August 29, 2022

The final movement for digitizing is to reduce paper forms and documents, but in most cases, it will be a gradual transformation that should start small.

Digitizing processes is seldom the solution for businesses. However, that became a real need in the last two years, due to the pandemics and the migration to the home office or hybrid work. In many cases, data and crucial information were printed and could not be accessed in systems, which became a difficulty, mainly in the worst moments of social isolation. 

The context of the last two years showed the necessity of giving the first step toward digitizing. The problem is that many companies do not know how to start, since it represents changes in the processes and the necessity of creating a new digitized workflow. It is not a surprise that six of each ten companies expected to digitize their workflow, according to a survey from Oxford Economics. 

The final movement is to reduce paper forms and documents, but in most cases, that occurs as a gradual transformation. It is crucial to qualify the employees to understand how to do that and communicate to explain the importance of that conversion in the future. 

In a world based on real data decisions, digitize become a huge source of information, including the performance of the own business. With this argument in mind, understanding the tripod of digitizing workflow helps to initiate the flow: 

Process – The company must create a simple manner to operate, with a friendly and intuitive workflow. That is the most efficient way to avoid barriers on the part of human resources. 

Product – The process needs a proper solution, ensuring the assertiveness of the flow. Besides agility, it should deliver flexibility and safety, especially in a moment in which the privacy of data gains importance. 

People – The new process and technology must define and communicate clearly with workers. The success of this strategy relies on the people. 

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Benefits of digitized workflow

A small step toward digitizing results in several benefits: increasing data quality to enable automation and the possibility of applying other advanced technologies. 

That definition of evolution depends on many factors, including understanding what digital means for your business. It is possible to benefit from the technology and solution to a greater or lesser extent. But it is necessary to understand the moment of your company, the competition, and the maturity of the sector, and the internal strategies to make it work. 

Regardless of the size and the sector of the companies, it is possible to achieve several advantages of investing in this technology, like: 

  • Business become more efficient, facilitating the adoption of Business Analytics software that offers an analysis based on data or tasks automation;  
  • Reduce the amount of paper circulating at the company, respecting print policies. That impacts the costs and possibly environmental strategies. 
  • Enhance the ability to provide information for customers or between departments: e-commerce and retailers, for example, can track the items and report the route for customers. 
  • Increase security, transparency, and fluidity of information, which could be a differential for many customers. 

One of the smartest strategies is to start small: choose one department or area to implement new technology, process, and solutions. After some time, it is possible to analyze the impact on costs, production, and workers’ productivity, simulating the effects on the rest of the company. 

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