Do you still not know what print supply management is?

November 7, 2022

Traceability, assertive management, real-time control, premature changes, and better negotiation with print supply management are some benefits.

The basis for a managed print service is the ability to monitor the devices. The dictionary brings several meanings to the word “monitor”. The most appropriate one is “to watch and check a situation carefully for some time to discover something about it”. That is important when the matter is supply management, which could represent 40% of the costs of a print fleet. 

When a company focuses on print accounting, it has the total vision of the print fleet and the individual result of each printer. The sum allows full perception of the print environment, allowing the enterprise and the print provider to make intelligent decisions, assuring the best use of the resources. 

It is essential to understand that each cent spent on a print device takes resources that fit for another purpose. Managed Print Service needs to have the total vision of the print fleet and make the best decisions about supply management. The prediction ability guarantees easier supply management and better application of the resources. 

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Variable costs 

A print provider knows that the variable costs are the villain of the print fleet. Since it is hard to anticipate them, many companies make mistakes in contracts. Creating and using the history of other clients helps to understand the consumption of supplies. It also supports minimizing the burdens when it comes to the cost: it is clear that toners cost more than paper

Besides, the expenses are not represented only by the supplies, however, other aspects matter to this subject, such as the logistics. The prediction in supply management assures the MPS to enhance the ability to plan, which results in cost optimization for the dealer and amplifies the benefit of print management software. See other supply management advantages: 


The managed print services receive the integral vision of the print fleet and supply management. That enables the possibility to map the toner and paper consumption as other materials. 

Smart management

Optimizing supply control results in several benefits: financial (amplified profitability); logistics (enhancing predictability e optimizing deliveries); stock (reducing the number of storage products and giving intelligence to the purchases); and security that the print fleet will operate smoothly. 

Real-time control

Smart print management software allows the dealer and their client to monitor the real-time performance of the print fleet and individual devices. That gives security to predict supply management. That enables the capacity to anticipate or delay deliveries, considering the logistics plan. 

Premature changes

It is managed print services’ responsibility to train their client to avoid early changes, especially of toners. To guarantee the use of resources within their limits, it is necessary to monitor all devices and understand their consumption. 

Better negotiation with suppliers

Supply consumption understanding assures the best deals with suppliers since the print provider understands requirements, in short, medium, and long terms. 

Supply management is one of the key aspects to guarantee the profitability of a contract and assure good results for a managed print service. A current and efficient managed print software is necessary to enable the prediction ability, resulting in a better plan and use of the resources for the print provider and their final customer. 

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