What is the connection between print policy and sustainability?

February 14, 2023

Print policies are rules and processes developed to guarantee the awareness of resources from employees, aiming for sustainability.

Studies showed that print costs sum between 1% to 3% of annual revenue from a company. When enterprises administrate the print fleet, they manage the supply consumption under two perspectives: economic and sustainable. It is not uncommon that many companies seek to achieve a paperless concept, which means that they eliminate paper from the daily routine. 

It is not easy to get to the paperless concept but it is possible to start with this goal, establishing the structure to remove the paper from the routine. Precisely when companies can apply print policies, which could be easily set in the NDD Print 360 system – many organizations start with a digitization workflow

A print policy consists of norms and processes elaborated to guarantee a rational and conscious use of the supplies in a print fleet. It is possible to define print policies based on job accounting and in reports with data. In addition, the print policy can be adjusted according to the business needs, considering the particularities of each department. 

What is it possible to set in print policies? 

One of the responsibilities of the print provider is to train their client to take the best of the solutions. With this reasoning in mind, print policies should be part of the sustainability guidelines of an organization. The NDD Print 360 offers some features for its clients: 

Print restriction

The customer can find that some employees or departments make more use of the devices. It helps set limits according to a department, position, or badge. Sometimes it will be possible to change this, especially in increased demand. 

Division of devices

It is possible to separate devices for intern use (economic printing) and external (quality printing).  

Limited functions

Must all the devices print and copy? Which should be used only in digitalization? The feature spreads awareness in the organization, resulting in a most rational use of resources. 

Convert prints

Define that internal documents must be printed dual-sided. The same rule works for external use. This conversion happens automatically.  

As we showed in this article, the print policy helps companies with at least three issues: security, compliance, and customization. A solution such as NDD Print 360 facilitates the automation of many sustainability guidelines. Another possibility is the print quotas, a feature you could understand more about in this article

The impact of sustainability 

Companies are trying to be more competitive and effective, diminishing the impact caused on the environment. That trend is related to ESG policy, adopted by companies to ensure actions in environmental, social, and governance areas.  

Applying an ESG strategy shows how much an organization is concerned to minimize environmental impact, besides the attempt to build a fair and diverse organization with a rational and ethical approach.  

Being a company that follows all the rules is not just a marketing matter. The number of resources for investments depends on how companies can prove sustainable practices; many clients and customers are demanding this kind of care from organizations. 

That is why a print policy should align with companies’ intent, helping to become more sustainable and aware. This concern validates that companies can reach the requirements demanded by investors, suppliers, and clients. 

>> Are you ready for the future of the MPS market and to be a most sustainable company? Talk to an expert and ask your questions about NDD Print. 


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