3 benefits from print policies for companies

February 21, 2022

Security, compliance, and customization are three advantages that customers can have with print policies.

Print management is not a service that can be repeated for all contracts. Each customer has its demands, expectations, and necessities about the product and the benefits for the organization. Without a standard contract, there is also a truth about partnerships: the customer wants to focus on their business and defines a print policy that could be good conducted.

When a customer hires a print management service, they expect to draw the maximum of a print management solution. That new partnership is based on a contract. In most cases, the provider will offer digital solutions, being in charge of devices’ maintenances and recharging supplies.

Some contracts define boundaries for using a solution, such as the number of pages, volumetry of toner recharges, and another reference parameter that could trigger different charge methods. The client wants to keep the contract within the base rules. That is the reason why applying a print policy could benefit the companies.

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Create parameters: automating print policies

With NDD Print 360, it is possible to automate the conversion of print jobs from color to mono, and single page to duplex. It is easy to define layout settings, based on the objective, users, department, and other criteria. The filtering tools have a great analysis, like time, day, document type, color, cost, size, quality, or the application requesting to print the document.​

If a contract has a monthly charge, the company can also monitor the print quota process, which informs users about usage. With this information in mind, it is possible to trigger specific print behaviors, such as color versus mono printing, and single versus dual-page. It is available to share quotas within departments or groups for maximum flexibility.​

Three benefits of print policies and audit

This feature helps the company in three different areas:

1 – Security – The concerns of data security are increasing. So, a customer is looking for a solution that can count on, avoiding breaches and potential data leakage, including the data that goes through the printers. That leads to item number 2.

2 – Compliance – Each country has its data legislation. However, the main focus of this kind of legislation is to protect customers’ information, assuring that personal data will be accessible exclusively for those who need the information. This care avoids penalties and situations that affect the business image.

3 – Customization – In an attempt to respect contracts and avoid triggering new charges, the setup options offer the possibility to block impressions if the quotas are exceeded, allowing printing with a message that their shares run out, or keep printing without any alert. The client has the power in his hand to make the decision that better fits the company.

Also, NDD Print 360’s Audit helps analyze print jobs and maintain a searchable PDF of all jobs that meet a configurable criterion. When a workstation generates a print job, NDD Print 360’s Audit inspects the document. If they meet the parameter defined by the company, the document becomes a PDF automatically placed in structured folders.

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