Discover cost-reduction alternatives in printing solutions

September 4, 2023

We listed four mechanisms that can make a contract more profitable for print providers without affecting customers’ daily routines. So, discover cost-reduction alternatives in printing solutions.

A print provider needs to find a balance between costs and the quality of the service offered. If it leans too much towards the former, it often becomes hard to stay competitive; on the other hand, neglecting customer service can hinder contract renewals and impact the organization’s long-term performance. 

The challenge for a print provider lies in finding alternatives to strike a middle ground where contract costs stay within budget limits, while the provided service adequately meets the client’s needs. In this context, some possibilities are directly related to specialized solutions, but much of the change depends on how the provider interacts with the customer. 

Check them out below: 

1. Cost Optimization with Toner 

Toner represents supply management and is frequently the most expensive item for a print provider. Therefore, achieving greater efficiency with this supply shows success for all parties involved: the provider reduces costs without affecting the clients’ routine. 

Supplies can account for 40% of the total contract cost – including human resources, technology, and logistics. In this sense, a solution like EcoToner allows toner reduction in prints without compromising quality and readability, while optimizing its use. Other solutions adopted by clients include implementing print policies and quotas

2. Improved Logistics Planning 

Another aspect of cost reduction is optimizing the travel made by your team. To achieve this, offering remote technical support is a point of improvement, as it can address most recurring day-to-day issues. 

For this purpose, investing in comprehensive and efficient monitoring of the printing fleet is essential. That allows for understanding how the customer uses the equipment and tracking its performance, performing preventive maintenance, and regular visits before they turn into issues. 

In practice, improved logistics planning – and subsequent cost reduction – equates to higher quality and proactive customer service.

>> Discover the benefits of using NDD Orbix, which takes your outsourcing provider to the next level. 

3. Expanding Services 

When considering costs, the initial thought might be to make cuts in operations. However, that isn’t always the most intelligent path. The print management software market has been transformed in recent years, especially after the pandemic. 

Therefore, another way to reduce costs is by expanding the range of services for customers. Two aspects gaining traction in the market are: 

– Device management, where contracts encompass the supply of computers, notebooks, and other equipment for clients. That requires efficient control of each device, tracking its status, and location, and effective monitoring to ensure smooth operation. 

- Digitization workflow is the first step in many companies’ digital transformation towards data adoption in their routines. 

4. Client Training and Education 

Relationships between a print provider and their client must be built on trust. Thus, conducting frequent training sessions is a way to reduce costs. In a contract, the client’s goal is to have a smoothly operating service, so they can focus on their strategic activities. 

When evaluating a print provider, ensure device functionality becomes possible with proper client training. After all, they are the ones operating the machines daily. 

The point of cost reduction is that it benefits the printing provider and, preferably, enhances advantages for the client. That is achievable with the right solution. 

Speak with one of our consultants to learn more about NDD’s solutions that can intelligently cut costs, such as EcoToner and NDD Orbix!


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