Stay tuned: 50% of businesses worldwide will opt for managed services

September 15, 2023

Choosing a print provider allows companies to focus on core activities while relying on specialists for print management, yielding several benefits. That’s because 50% of businesses worldwide will opt for managed services.

In the era of corporate efficiency, the pursuit of process and resource optimization has become a priority for businesses across all sectors. One area often underestimated yet rife with opportunities for enhancement and rapid expansion is print fleet management. In this case, opting for specialized partners is a solution to deliver a range of strategic benefits to organizations.

A study by the British institute YouGov revealed that the practice of hiring specialized companies is becoming increasingly common, affecting nearly half of global businesses, especially in non-core business areas, such as print solutions.

By opting for a print provider, companies can concentrate on their core activities while entrusting experts to optimize the printing fleet. That approach enhances operational efficiency and frees up internal resources, enabling the company to achieve productivity.

One of the challenges in the print management software market is showcasing the advantages of partnering with such specialized providers.

Discover how a print provider’s expertise is transforming this market.

What is the role of the print provider?

Expertise and knowledge – A print provider brings knowledge of the ever-evolving technology market and its trends. That understanding enables the provider to identify the most current and suitable solutions for each client’s demands.

Device and operation knowledge – Managing a print fleet involves more than mere physical device maintenance. A print provider comprehends the detailed operation of each fleet, ensuring all equipment functions optimally. That includes performance monitoring, preventive maintenance, and proactive remote issue resolution.

Print industry trends – The digital age demands that companies stay attuned to technological transformations. A specialized print provider updates the print fleet and innovates with new solutions, such as digitization workflow and device management. Gradually, artificial intelligence is being introduced into the segment.

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Offering specialized software

An aspect of print fleet management is the effective use of dedicated platforms. These solutions must aggregate functionalities focused on monitoring, management, data security, and sustainability, which is gaining significant importance in the segment.

Data-driven decision-making – The digital transformation has brought forth a wealth of valuable information. An effective print provider can perform data analysis to enhance management and security. The data allows for identifying usage patterns, predicting issues, and customizing decision-making to optimize performance and efficiency.

Much like in other sectors, entrusting print fleet management to a specialized provider is a prudent strategy and a trend. Market knowledge, detailed device and management understanding, and dedicated operational expertise result in increased efficiency and productivity with reduced costs.

That expands through intelligent data utilization, enabling management backed by concrete information. Another benefit lies in the periodic contract renewals, aiming to incorporate new technologies and trends for enhanced operation.

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