Print Provider: discover a sustainable path with digitization workflow

May 1, 2023

Digitization workflow enhances the productivity, agility, and efficiency of businesses, mainly if they adopt software devoted to this purpose.

Almost 7 of each ten people (69%) believe businesses are failing to address climate change solutions worldwide. That was the result of Trust Barometer 2022, developed by the global agency Edelman, research with more than 36 thousand interviewed.  

Within the sustainability aspect, 60% of global people said they choose jobs based on their beliefs and values. Also, 88% of institutional investors subject ESG to the same scrutiny as operational and financial considerations. The sustainable way becomes a requirement for continuity for businesses. 

Many companies see digital transformation with demand higher than operational, since they are crucial to reputation and to acquire new customers, besides retaining employees. In some cases, digitization workflow has an ambitious plan: guarantee that a business provides a paperless environment

Businesses gain benefits when they go through the sustainable way of digitization workflow, such as: 

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Digitization workflow make operation simple and more structured. The company can set the folder destination, which allows data systemization, providing more productivity and time optimization. 


Just as the folder destination can be automatic, the software permits a nomenclature classification. It will be easy to find documents, according to the characteristics and name of the company. 


Following the rules about data protection, a digitization workflow will guarantee that each department has access only to the necessary information to do your work. That is a way to avoid sharing sensitive information about clients or suppliers. 


Managers have data to assess work developed by each employee. Also, they can issue reports to understand the responsibility for each document. 

Sustainability with fewer costs

It is easier to keep the documents in a digital version, reducing the risks of physical storage. Besides, the alignment of digitization workflow with current trends cuts costs related to supply management


It is easy to set printers to guarantee digitization will be simpler and faster, without creating any concerns. 

Efficient search

One of the main concerns relates to finding files after the digitization workflow. The classification of the names generates tranquility, but another technology allows an efficient search of documents: Optical Character Recognition (OCR). 

As we showed in this article, OCR technology converts images and text into data that is recognized by machines. In practice, it means that people do not need to retype information. Print providers can facilitate and aggregate new services to their clients, just as the digitization workflow, to add value to the contract and make contracts more sustainable and efficient.  

Chat with our experts and discover how NDD Solutions can support a sustainable strategy for business, including a digitization process. 


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