Learn how your printer fleet can be more secure

April 17, 2023

Print secure release, print policy, and quotas assist a printer fleet to be more efficient, according to new legal requirements, showing that a print operation can be more secure.

New rules and demands related to compliance will transform companies, respecting the current trends and laws. The concerns about data safety were not a priority five years ago because the law did not require it. However, organizations added new measures, solutions, and routines to follow the requirements. 

The first issue to achieving a safe print operation is to avoid cyberattacks. That is why the main concern is to protect data that go through the printers, which avoids leaking strategic information and personal data from customers. We showed the importance of security and compliance in this blog article

A secure printer fleet also requires print solutions and guidance for print providers to obtain the most of this technology. Some possibilities offered by Managed Print Services are a print secure release function as well as print policy and quotas without interfering with the client’s routine. Besides, the features also help to reduce paper and toner consumption.  

It is clear now that these features only achieve their full potential when monitored periodically, taking reports as a basis to assist providers and their client in understanding the device usage. 

Making sure that a printer fleet is safe is one of the premises of NDD Print. Discover more about the solution! 

Print secure release 

One of the main issues about data is to assure the privacy of the information – each department must access what is necessary to do their work. The release or print secure release function serves this kind of purpose. 

Each employee can send print documents, but the release only happens when they put in a second authentication. It is necessary to insert a password, PIN, biometrics, and badge – among other possibilities – to print the document. This feature avoids sensitive information or private data to stay in the printer tray. Read other benefits of the print secure release here

Print policy

Print secure release may follow a print policy designed exclusively for the business. Based on reports, it is possible to understand the performance and the manners of use from a printer fleet, identifying trends and searching for the best ways to ensure the privacy of data and the best way to use the company assets. 

Print policies allow companies to set automatic rules inside print management software. It is possible to define print restrictions (for departments or persons), division of devices (according to the purpose: more quality to external use and leaner to internal), limited functions (device only for print or copy), and convert prints (setting rules to dual-sided document), as we explained in this article.  

Print quotas

Print quotas are boundaries established for devices. An MPS guides the final customer to set these rules after understanding the operation in the print operation and how this will impact the employees’ routine. There are five types of print quotas: informative, blocking, private, recurrent, and additional. Understand more of each of them here

An efficient and secure printer fleet depends on understanding the routines and requirements of the business. That will allow them to apply the right features of technologies, such as print management software. 

Chat with our experts and discover how to create a safe and efficient printer fleet with NDD Print. 


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