How printing providers can achieve toner savings in 2023?

April 3, 2023

The sum of tracking, supply management, and EcoToner technology facilitates to achieve toner savings in 2023.

Achieving productivity with the current assets is one of the main challenges for businesses. That concern covers all departments: when a company is efficient, it can assist productivity and collaborate on better use of devices and the infrastructure, including the necessary supplies. 

It is impossible not to think of accomplishing toner savings or, at least, taking the best benefits of that supply. We are talking about a high-value resource that impacts the dealer and their client. We showed in this article some factors that interfere with the toner cost. 

So, businesses need to equalize the balance related to the toners. On one side, the dealer tries to become more profitable, avoiding waste and early changes. On the other side, the client focuses on guaranteeing a smooth operation according to their purposes, which can include some sustainable measures in the daily routine. 

Toner savings, as well as other supplies, depends on the ability to monitor the performance of the print environment. When a dealer understands the history of device use, the necessity of the business, and the flow of replacements, it becomes simpler to reduce toner consumption without affecting the client. 

As this article demonstrates, that is a smart move since the total print costs from businesses can represent 1% to 3% of business revenue. 

It is possible to achieve toner savings smartly and efficiently. Discover how EcoToner could assist your business in this goal. 

The toner effects

A well-managed print service provides tracking and supply management, allowing companies to reduce their logistics costs and improve clients’ administration. However, when a business seeks toner savings, the technology gains a strategic role, mainly when a solution such as EcoToner can assist in achieving the main goals and benefits both sides in an outsourcing contract. 

EcoToner reduces the levels of ink consumption without signals of “fading” in the print document. The fade is when documents become unreadable due to the lack of quality. But the EcoToner solution does not create this problem since it does not interfere with the quality. The company can set the “fading levels” according to the document’s purposes. 

EcoToner also does not interfere with the pixel numbers of the document. That is the reason why does not generate dissatisfaction from the clients. The solution accompanied by a print policy will help to obtain the most efficient and sustainable print environment. 

Among the benefits of print policies, it is possible to mention: dual-sided prints, automatic quality settings, volume restrictions (by department or personal), and limited function (only copy or print). 

Research showed that EcoToner might offer a 14% enhancement in the volume of pages in a print environment that concentrates 92% of the service in printing – only 8% in copy. The number of tonner supplies would drop from 315 to 270. 

The result will achieve the minimum consumption of 20% in toner savings offered by the software only with the “fade” adjustment. It is possible to achieve up to 60% of savings in toner consumption, depending on the variables of the print environment. 

The EcoToner is an exclusive technology to NDD Print MPS, reducing the intensity of the toner without losing the quality of the printed documents in a visible and manageable way exclusively by the dealer. Discover the features and how the solution can help your business. 


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