Why MPS should watch out about security

May 16, 2022

Compliance becomes more than just a word that is used for marketing purposes: it is necessary to align with the best compliance practices 

Security concern is a prerogative of a print management service. The term compliance has become much more relevant for managed print services, since it is not just advertising, but a requirement according to specific laws. The legislation demands attention to confidentiality and data privacy at the risk of being penalized with fines and damage to the image in case of the company becomes responsible for data leakage. 

With this idea in mind, it is necessary to count on technological solutions that respect all the guidelines established by law in the case of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the legislation of different states in the United States. Other countries created their legislation, which builds the necessity of being still more careful about several subjects, like: 

  • Data Center Security and quality when storing data; 
  • Confidentiality; 
  • Customer integrity; 
  • High availability; 
  • No licensing and security costs. 

Security depends on several stages. It starts in the way that data are collected and transmitted, as well as the data center’s location and the cloud features that should be covered by a print management solution. 

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Print providers must provide security 

When a customer search for a print provider, the purpose is to achieve goals related to security and compliance, following requirements demanded by law. That is why MPS should provide infrastructure without increasing the cost will stand out. 

NDD Print is one of the references in print management in the cloud, including safety aspects. The protocols are based on the most advanced technologies, such as firewalls, and other physical (controlled access to servers and alarm systems with security cameras) and logical security concerns (antivirus, vulnerability analysis, monitoring, backup server, intruder detection system). 

There are several benefits to these features. Among them, it is possible to quote: 

– The accounting file transmitted over the network is compressed and encrypted; 

– Communication for submitting data to NDD Cloud is performed by TLS (Transport Layer Security), the same protocol used in Brazil for processing tax documents; 

– The physical document is not sent, only metadata such as numerical data; 

– Customizable submission time, so you can send the information at any time you want; 

– Access control and proles by the user only authorized personnel to have access to data, with system access audit;  

The purpose is to ensure that all data that go through the printers are safe. That becomes easy with a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.  

What does a customer expect? 

The customer wants to know more about the features offered for a print management solution. It is necessary to solve the most common problems, like a diversity of job accounting which helps increase management of supplies and define print policies, without losing the ability to protect data. 

The solution focus on compliance strategies in line with the GDPR and other data legislation. The main purpose is to promote pseudonymization, anonymization, and encryption. 

NDD Print does not capture any physical data from its users, only generalized logical information such as username, full name, and email address. That goes through the entire anonymization process. 

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