The use of print quotas to support clients to print efficiently

April 25, 2022

When the customer understands the print management solution, it can achieve the rational use of resources.

The rational use of print resources benefits all the parts involved in print management. It assures that the feature achieves the fullness of its purposes. One of the initial challenges of the contract affects the ability to manage, without affecting clients’ productivity, the daily routine and keep the accounts organized. 

The quotas set methods to propose control and appropriate use of resources. The companies opt for the shape that is most smart for their business. Besides that, the quotas are the basis to provide a print policy aligned to the purposes of the service. The company can define its quotas, which could rearrange according to the profile of each business. 

There are at least five different quotas:  

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– Informative – When the users reach the threshold of their quotas, they will receive a message about the maximum consumption. However, the person can print, without any restriction. The purpose is to promote awareness of the use of resources to control consumption. 

– Blocking – Opposite to the informative, when the users reach the limit of quotas, it will not be possible to print or make copies on the devices. Commonly, companies start with the informative quota before making any interdiction to employees. 

– Private or corporate – This kind of quota enables the user to assign its printing to a private or a corporate department, defining who will be responsible for this accounting. In this situation, the managers can distribute print quantities for each purpose, considering specific projects. 

– Recurrent – It is possible to grant to users periodically: monthly, weekly, or daily basis. That is adopted by many companies since it opens the possibility to adjust quotas according to some moments or departments’ needs. 

– Additional – It is possible to clear more quotas for one user or a group (departments or squad team) when they achieve their print limit. 

It is common to use the term “quotas” thinking only about printing, but the feature works in the same way with copies. That is a way to encourage digitalization solutions, each time more normal at the offices. 

Rational use of resources 

The sum of quotas and print policies, a subject that the blog talked about in this post, guarantees that companies make more with fewer resources, the purpose of hiring a print management solution. Another feature that benefits organizations is the secure print releaser. The print policy helps companies in many aspects, like:  

Division of devices – It is possible to use some devices for intern use (in the economic model) or external (in the quality model). The company needs to spread its print polity to the employees all over the divisions. 

Convert automatically prints – Internal documents can be printed dual-sided. The same rule could be adjusted for external use. This conversion could follow countless guidelines automatically. 

Limited functions – Which device should be used only in digitalization or printing? The MPS must allow the company to make this kind of adjustment. 

Awareness of the workforce – Employees that understand the company policies are more eager to respect the rules.  

Print restriction – When a company understands the history of prints, it is easier to define its policy. In some cases, the customer can find that some employees or departments make more use of the devices. It is possible to define restrictions, according to a department or even the badge.  

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