Do you know the main benefits of print secure release?

May 23, 2022

Security, high availability, mobility, web feature, and mobile applications are crucial differentials for Print Secure Release.

Security appears as the main concern for companies, according to Tech Trends 2022, developed by Deloitte Insights. There are several treats for business, like the print secure release is a feature that can help the IT department focus on other important issues, especially the security of data, which is crucial for businesses. 

“Security teams may soon be overwhelmed by the sheer volume, sophistication, and difficulty of detecting cyberattacks. Enterprise attack surfaces are expanding exponentially. The use of 5G is growing, along with the number of network-connected devices; remote work is gaining ground; third-party attacks have become increasingly pernicious”, says the research. 

The true challenge for companies is to be able to share data while preserving the security and privacy of information. That should be a real concern, including the data and information that goes through your printers. Companies must close paths that could be used by cybercriminals to reach a company’s private information. 

The print secure release is a really relevant feature and supports companies in several areas, as you can see below. 

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– Security – Print Safety is a concern in a world where legislation about data protection is everywhere. The solution increases the confidentiality of the documents of the clients. The user needs to be authenticated at the printing device to get to the document, which prevents printed documents from being forgotten in the trays. 

For the sake of print management, the solution must collect critical data that allow administration: who ordered the print, when and where, and so on. However, NDD Print can preserve the content of the documents, as we explained in this article

– High availability – The feature offers high availability because if the printer stops working, the user can pick up this print job on any other device. At the same time, the function is widely used in large organizations, as they will be able to print at any headquarters, getting the document in the same way as in their office.  

It is also an improvement for companies working at home offices or hybrid policies since it allows employees to print on the days that they are at the company. 

Mobility – Print Mobility, also known as Print Secure Release in NDD Print, is the functionality that allows the user to send a print job, and recover it on any printer. This function helps IT departments manage print queues, and increases the security of the convenient device through authentication. The following forms of authentication is available: 

  • – Integration with Active Directory  
  • – User/Password  
  • – PIN  
  • – PIN + Secure PIN  
  • – External identifier 

This function allows users to send the files they want to print to a pre-configured and default e-mail. That will work as a print queue, retaining documents until they are printed, upon secure print release. This feature is ideal for users to print anywhere or install other applications. 

Web feature and mobile Applications – The Releaser Web function is web-based, which any user with any device, accessing the internal network or even the Internet could access. By simply typing the address into any browser, a portal will appear so users can log in with their username and password. Once validated, the user will be able to view the print jobs that are stored and pending printing, as well as a button to upload new documents to the system.  

The NDD Print mobile app has settings that the user must configure, such as name, password, domain, and server. If a public IP is available, users on the public network will be able to print directly from their personal mobile network (3G, 4G, 5G). If public access is not available, users must connect via Wi-Fi, where the Secure Print Releaser feature is located.  

Do you still have doubts about managed print services for your print environment? Talk with one of our specialists and learn the benefits of NDD Print


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