Why should you hire a managed print service? Get to know 7 reasons

May 30, 2022

MPS is a partnership that gives the tools and the assistance to meet all the printing business, allowing the customer to focus on their core business.

Managed Print Services (MPS or MPS service) helps the customer organize a print and optimize a print environment. The company is an expert in the service, fulfilling their daily needs: gathering data and information from the business, providing technical and troubleshooting support, supplying the devices, and giving features for the client to define their print policies, quotas, and other aspects. 

MPS is a partnership that gives the tools and the assistance to meet all the printing business, allowing the customer to focus on their core business. It is easier to focus more on your business and strategic activities and keep your team concentrated on their tasks. 

See below, seven reasons to hire a managed Print Services: 

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1 – Discover your print needs 

The print environment requires specialized people. Sometimes, the company wastes time and resources and cannot define its needs. An MPS will understand your demands and offer a service that fulfills this, with the necessary devices, features, and course of action (for now and long term). The best part is that the print provider will help to optimize the print environment and reduce costs. 

2 – Adjust the number of printers 

Commonly, companies have some local printers, used for people that remain disconnected from the network connections. Despite the low number of documents printed, local printers waste resources, since they are unreliable and inefficient. 

The MPS will identify the company’s needs and the necessary number of prints. It will be easier to replace supplies, track the waste of inventory, and make adjustments for areas that are not attended. This solution helps to cut costs and leads to a more effective operation. 

3 – Where should you put the printers? 

At the first moment, the MPS can hear your history and leave the devices in the same place. However, it will be simple to determine where the printers should be over time. That seems far from an improvement, but the truth is that your team will lose less time and be more productive with the devices installed in proper locations. 

4 – Replace outdated devices 

One of the benefits of an MPS is that the company does not need to invest money to buy new printers. Both parts are interested in modern devices for different purposes: the customer expects updated devices, while the provider understands that outdated printers are less efficient and require more repairs, making the contract more expensive.  

5 – Enhance predictability: automate supply delivery 

Over time, the print provider can understand the consumption and properly plan the supplies’ replacement. Since all the devices are tracked, the MPS will have a history of consumption, which enhances predictability and prevent the company from running out of paper, ink, or cartridges (especially when you are in the middle of important projects). 

The predictability is not only at the consumption: the customer can anticipate the payments. As a result, the business will have a predictable fee in exchange for predictable operations, eliminating surprise maintenance fees and unpredictable printing costs. 

6 – Enjoy the new features 

Several features (Print policy, print quotas, and releaser function) can help your business obtain the best from managed print services. The provider can present features to support the customer in their needs.  

One of the possibilities is to allow reliable remote printing, offered by the releaser function. With this mechanism, it is possible to withdraw documents safely with a smartphone. The orders wait in a species of line, which needs authentication to deliver. The certification can be by password, PIN, badge, biometry, and an app on the smartphone. 

7 – Enhance the security 

Companies are more dependent on data for several purposes. On the other hand, cybercriminals try to obtain this information with ransomware and other attempts. The print environment should be a safety feature for your employees and prevent this initiative.  

Mistakes in this area could be bad for the company in several aspects since interfere with their performance, could disturb the routine of the team, and create a Public Relationship issue. 

Do you still have doubts about managed print services for your print environment? Talk with one of our specialists and learn the benefits of NDD Print


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