Dealing with the growing demand for sustainable printing solutions

June 12, 2023

Print providers need to anticipate and mitigate their impacts before being challenged by their clients. That’s why they are dealing with the growing demand for sustainable printing solutions.

When it comes to the sustainability of print providers, the first thought that comes to mind is providing solutions aimed at this purpose. These include document digitization workflows, toner savings, and print policies, among other possibilities. However, it is mandatory to look at the Managed Print Services (MPS) operations and find solutions.

If there is a demand for sustainable solutions from the companies that hire managed print services, the next step is for these organizations to make this demand to the provider. In this context, the role of the provider is to find ways to meet that requirement, which will be crucial to staying active in this market.  

Here are some measures that print providers can adopt in response to the growing demand for sustainable printing solutions:

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Carbon neutralization

Even if an organization has sustainability in mind, it will continue to impact the environment, albeit to a lesser extent. In this context, the challenge is to identify and quantify the volume of environmental damage caused, which is possible through calculating the carbon footprint. This methodology allows organizations to understand the impact of their activities on the atmosphere. It indicates the total volume of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions generated by their activities, which varies according to their industry, size, and operating model.


The other path for companies is to find renewable energy sources, especially solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. The more a company replaces fossil fuels, the more sustainable it becomes. This logic also applies to the vehicles used to support clients, which can be hybrid or electric.

Other measures

  • Circular economy: Another important aspect is managing a business’s waste. Print providers deal with regular materials such as paper and others with more complex reverse logistics, such as toner cartridges. Establishing processes and relationships with companies in the sector is necessary to avoid environmental contamination with these products.
  • Research & Development: One approach regarding toner is to collaborate with other companies to improve the efficiency of these inputs, which are among the most expensive in the MPS industry. R&D is valuable both for the product’s application itself and for solutions that make its application more efficient.
  • Reforestation: When a company identifies its influence on the atmosphere, it can take action to offset it. Typically, reforestation is chosen as a technique, aiming to create new forests in deforested or degraded areas. The planted trees will contribute to carbon sequestration, making it an efficient and economically viable solution.

Just as print providers have embraced other client demands, such as Workplace as a Service (Waas) or multi-device management, carbon offset demands can also be incorporated into client contracts. That is an opportunity perceived by the market.  

Talk to one of our consultants and learn about the details of NDD Green Carbon, a tailored solution for your clients’ new demands. 


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