4 ways for Print Providers to maximize digitization workflows

July 25, 2023

Document digitization can be an initial step for many businesses to understand the new possibilities offered by print service providers. So, get to know 4 ways for Print Providers to maximize digitization workflows.

Research conducted by Quocirca revealed that 61% of decision-makers worldwide accelerated their efforts to digitize processes that were conducted in a physical format. The main motivations behind this decision include the pursuit of sustainability, more efficiency, and recent improvements from an ESG perspective. 

The study also demonstrates that leveraging a print provider makes this digital transformation simpler and more effective. Approximately 7 out of 10 companies (69%) with a dedicated platform for this purpose are advancing in their digitization workflow, compared to 40% that do not have the specialized support provided by such companies. 

It is no wonder that 65% of executives claim that having a print provider is extremely or very important to contribute to process automation. But how can print providers assist their clients and make the most of digitization benefits? 

1. A complete transformation concerning processes 

It is essential to understand that digitization processes mean more than simply scanning documents for different purposes, such as invoices. It should be seen as a transformation related to process flows and the way people operate within the business, aiming to improve collaboration and other advantages both internally and in customer relationships. 

With that in mind, beyond technology, it is necessary to invest in process mapping, convincing and educating people about the impact these changes will have on their work routine. Consequently, benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced storage costs, and easy access to information are a natural consequence. 

2. Paperless doesn’t have to be the purpose 

There is a conceptual difference between pursuing digital transformation and achieving a paperless status – a company that doesn’t use paper in its routines.  

A document workflow process is a natural path toward sustainability, but there is no need to eliminate paper from routines. Within an ESG context, the term “paperless” has appeal, but it is not an overnight change. 

It is necessary to stabilize the process of digitizing workflows to understand the viability of this practice for each business. 

3. A sustainable message 

From a management perspective, employees need to understand the reasons behind the decision to support digitization. Many will appreciate the advantages of quickly accessing data without having to search through physical files, which often leads to mismatches or information errors, especially with the OCR technology

However, it is also relevant to explain that the pursuit of digitization involves a sustainability aspect, starting from within the company and extending to its customers, thus improving its reputation. 

4. Digitization workflows as an opportunity to enhance services 

Print providers have gradually expanded their range of services in the market. Amidst the pandemic, remote work and hybrid models have created a new demand for data digitization, which has been met by these companies, ensuring the security of this information within new workflows, among other observed advantages. 

This need has made it clear that many businesses are open to other experiences and services that can be offered by print providers, especially the management of multiple devices, since they feel confident in this offering. 

It is difficult to predict how technology will evolve in the coming years, but there is a constant pursuit of automation, a trend that depends on the digitization of document workflows. In such a context, the role of print providers is to continue ensuring the provision of quality services and enhancing them according to market demand. 

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