Building strong customer relationships with a Print Provider

August 9, 2023

Long-term relationships are built by meeting contract requirements and paying attention to details. According to that, learn how to build strong customer relationships.

When a client hires a print provider, it’s often seen as the beginning of a lasting partnership between two organizations. This relationship is typically long-term, especially if the provider meets the client’s expected standards and incorporates new services and functionalities driven by technological advancements. 

The foundation of a solid client relationship lies in consultative selling. The sales team’s role is to listen and understand the final customers’ demands, needs, and reality. That makes it easier to devise a strategy and highlight features that align with the client’s needs. 

Moreover, establishing an intelligent dialogue with the client allows for clarifying operational details, such as supply exchanges, reporting, and other daily routines. The deepening of the relationship facilitates discussions about any necessary contract adjustments. 

A key consensus is that a solid customer relationship is built through constant attention to maintaining quality standards. This special focus enables a print provider to navigate the anticipated growth in this segment in the coming years. 

Here are some tips to help your print provider stay ahead: 

  • Full operation: This is the basic premise of the relationship. The client opted for a print provider, believing in the company’s ability to ensure full operation while it focus on other strategic activities. Providing proper attention to client inquiries and offering accessible communication channels, like a dedicated service portal, can be beneficial. 
  • Technical support: Print providers deal with systems and electronic devices, making technical issues occasional occurrences that may hinder operations. A lack of reliable technical support can trouble clients more than the occasional failures. Offering remote technical support is a popular approach that often satisfies clients, transferring the responsibility of smooth operation to the print provider. 

Proactive management

During the sales, the print provider listened to some of the client’s demands. However, with time, evolving print fleets and market changes may give rise to new requirements. Proactive print providers must address various aspects of daily operations, such as supply replenishment and maintenance projections, while also focusing on strategic elements, including platform enhancements, new features, and integrated solutions. 

Delivering excellent customer service is always challenging, especially in a detail-oriented market like printing. Nevertheless, practicing attention, keeping up with technology, and delivering value are sound day-to-day strategies. 

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