What to consider applying print policy

July 27, 2021

The dealers should help the customers to define their policies at the printing business, facilitating them to achieve their purposes in hiring an MPS solution.

It is no secret: a company that hires a dealer is looking for economy. The main purpose is to optimize supplies – like toners – and make the best use of the devices. 

Within this context, one of the key roles of the dealers is to help the customers to establish print policies, according to their specific purposes. From the point of view of the dealer, it is interesting to have a customer that represents a good volume of prints. 

However, the dealer needs to educate the customers to cut costs and help them to define their policies. Sometimes the customer just needs help with the features of the solution. With the proper information and qualification, the client will also take advantage of the benefits of an MPS solution, generating a win-win reciprocal relationship.

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Why should your business create a print policy?

The first step to create a print policy is to understand the history of prints and the business’s needs. The managing of the print business allows the dealer’s customer to educate the workforce on how to use the devices in a good way. 

This control should follow long-term care, including safety guarantee and traceability of information – in the edge of the document, it is possible to inform who order de print, data, time, and a tracking code. See below the benefits of establishing a print policy:

  • Division of devices – It is possible to use some devices for intern use (in the economic model) or external (in the quality model). The company needs to spread its print polity to the employees to this division work. In this case, the marketing or communications department should help to distribute the proper information.
  • Limited functions – Should all the devices print? Which one of them may be used only in digitalization? The MPS must allow the company to make this kind of adjustment.
  • Awareness of the workforce – Employees that understand the company policies are more eager to respect the rules. Sometimes, the customer hires a dealer just to focus on its core business, but even this kind of company can capitalize on that.
  • Convert automatically prints – Internal documents can be printed dual-sided. The same rule could be adjusted for external use. This conversion could follow countless guidelines automatically.
  • Print restriction – When a company understands the history of prints, it is easier to define its policy. In some cases, the customer can find that some employees or departments make more use of the devices. It is possible to define restrictions, according to a department or even the badge. 

If your company wants to make good use of the devices, reduce the cost of the supplies, and target your core strategy, it is recommended to define your policies, according to your needs.

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