What do companies expect when they need a security release?

July 20, 2021

Restrain exaggerations in supplies, respect data corporation policy, assure the privacy of the confidential information, and experience cost reduction are the purposes behind this feature.

The secure release of documents is essential functionality for a company. It had gained strong customer traction due to the actual context. Many organizations should move to a full-time home office or hybrid environments. When a company opts for this kind of function, it delivers some benefits:

  • Restrain exaggerations in supplies by workers or departments;
  • Respect data corporation policy;
  • Assure privacy of the confidential information;

This is a solution adapted to a context of digital transformation, which is enhanced due to Covid-19 pandemics. Many organizations have to develop a working distance environment, lowering the presence of workers in the office space. Even in a new scenario, the MPS market looks promising for the next years, especially due to this kind of new solution as the secure release.

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Overcoming difficulties

The distance led to a more complex process of printing, mainly which regards the secure release of documents and data protection. Certain information is private and should respect the legislation about data protection – in the last years, many countries developed their regulations, with lots of specificities.

The releaser function allows companies to assure that a document will be withdrawn only for the people that order the printing. The system will hold the document in a cloud line, waiting for an authenticity confirmation.

This way, companies can assure that the documents will be delivered to those who indeed had ordered the print. This is a best practice from several angles: economic, environmental, and technological.

More control

Besides this careful look over privacy, the releaser function adapted to a printing business allows that the customer and the dealers had more data about the use of printers and their supplies, like the toners.

With a global analysis, it is possible to optimize printing policies: establish a limit for workers or departments; implement rules over the quality of documents for external and internal use, and so on. These possibilities result in a smart way of use companies’ resources.

Customer and dealer capitalize on data analysis of the printers. Both will gatherer information to understand how the service is working and if respect legislation and other requests, including data safety. 

How the release function works

It is simple: the system retains and gathers printed documents in a cloud system. The liberation just happens through authorization at the device or via the web: passwords, mobile applications, badges – the company can decide which mechanism will use. It is also possible to use biometrics, which is the model adopted for many organizations.

The purpose is to offer flexibility and safety for the company to respect legislation and experience cost reduction. If a worker sends a document for a printer, he needs to withdraw it. In case this does not occur, the document will expire within a predetermined time. 

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