How the digital workforce benefits from printing

August 17, 2021

Many companies expected features that allow security printing for home or hybrid environment boosted due to pandemics.

The pandemics shifted the perspective of work for both employees and employers. A full digital workforce was unthinkable for many companies a year ago and, suddenly, the organizations had to find ways to allow employers to work remotely. In the middle of lockdowns, the only manner possible to keep companies operating was through the internet with the new (and existent) tools.

After a year and a half in this situation, many organizations are allowing employees to choose a full-time remote work or hybrid as offices gradually reopen. The initial concern – that productivity would be affected – has not been confirmed and, unlike the original worry, many employees were able to do more, faster and better, balancing personal and professional life.

However, for this new style to operate well, the companies need to build a structure that allows people to do remote or hybrid work. Until the time when the entire office or company is a paper-free environment, the digital workforce also sometimes needs to print documents and dealers must understand the needs of the companies in this new environment.

Do not forget to help the dealer’s customer to create a policy about printing at home or hybrid work. Employees need to know the workflow, the rules and how to do it in the right (and secure) way. This will help to provide guidelines and make sure that printers remain up and running when necessary, optimizing toner’s use.

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Digital workforce: print to the office or home

Some workers remain essential to corporate operations: there are times where workers at home need to print to a device at the office to withdraw. There is also the opposite situation: someone in the office must need to print a document for a remote worker. In both situations, the technology and many printers already allow this possibility.

Can your remote workers print on the company network? The dealers should enable this feature, which will benefit the people who are at home and the ones at the office. It will be even better if the printing options are simple and mobile, using a smartphone APP or something easy.

One of the challenges of this new scenario is to understand the needs and decide how to apply these features in technology solutions. It is the dealer and company’s concern to understand these changes in daily life. When it comes to printing needs, the best way to discover what your remote workers expect is to track their usage.

It is possible to know what each person uses to do his or her job. Tracking devices and people will allow printers and companies to narrow contracts and implement features that will help to overcome their limitations.

Security is a concern 

Working from home implies risk, and companies and workers need to find solutions that protect the documents and data information. It is the dealers’ role to develop features to protect documents and not reveal sensitive information. It is fundamental to assure the integrity and protect both the user and the company from hostile cyberattacks (remote or local).

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