Why does your company need diversity of job accounting features?

October 12, 2021

Accounting could be physical or logical, according to the print environment of the client.

One of the secrets of print management is appropriate accounting. There are a lot of talks about innovation and the launch of new features thinking in the future needs or actual trends, but the main premise for both sides involved (the outsourcing and the client) is the ability to monitor the usage of devices and their supplies.

With this reasoning in mind, one of the main features that outsourcing should offer is the capacity to monitor agents. In the typical language of this industry, agent consists of software that collects information from the devices (printers or computers). If something goes wrong at this step, the whole operation could be compromised.

This feature allows dealers to control the origin of each print, in which device was printed e who was responsible for the order. This skill will be decisive as much for the dealer (enhancing the ability to predict supplies replacement or schedule maintenances) as for the client (receiving updates to make intelligent decisions based on current data).

Accounting determines, quantifies, and tracks, assuring that the client could discover wastes and better ways to use their resources. At the same time, it is also possible to offer users the capacity to keep track of print historic, reports, dashboards, and so on. The managers receive a 360º view of the printing process.

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The accounting types

There are two ways a print management solution accounts for the prints of a client: physical and logical. See below which means each one of them and how they can integrate into your business:

  • Embedded physical – When monitoring agents are installed at the devices (printers and computers), assuring the gather of information. The MPS receives the data collected.
  • Straight physical – There is direct communication at the printers. Sometimes, it is necessary to install the software in the client-server, which submits data to MPS.
  • Logical accounting for spool – Information coming from spool files at the operating system allows counting and tracking of documents. This way of working is also known as “spooler”, which means the line of printing documents filed at the computer memory.

Why do you need accounting diversity?

According to the print environment, it may be necessary to mix two or more types of accounting to guarantee the success of data collection. This is a requisite for companies that offer local printers for specific users or departments. In many cases, the mix is the only way to achieve a full vision of the business print environment.

Outsourcing planning must consider all the variables of the client and its needs. In this way, the sum of physical and logical for spool assure tracking of all the printers (even the restricted to some people or departments or digital workforce), including withdrawal of copies at the machines. It is important to have all the necessary information to allow analysis for both sides (outsourcing and client).

However, regardless of the print environment, the client – and the outsourcing – will be the only companies with access to this information, protecting sensitive data. 

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