What are the necessary features in print management?

September 23, 2021

Handle a print environment does not need to be a complex task: the right technology helps companies in this assignment.

For many organizations, as industries and big companies, manage print environments is a complex operation. In most cases, enterprises experiment many problems, such as difficulty in accounting for print documents and the lack of a policy impression. It is possible to solve this easily with the right technologic solution.

In this scenario, the investment in solutions or specific platforms for printing managing became a requirement for organizations. Fine adjustments about the print demand lead to economy and performance enhancement, two essential benefits in this post-pandemic moment, wherever your company operates.

See below are some functions in which the administrators cannot ignore when it comes the time to hire software for printing management:

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Secure print releaser – This private cloud gathers and retains all the documents. It will allow printings only with a secure release. The files hold in line, waiting for a final clearance to approve the operation.

The secure releaser happens in several ways: e-mail, local (companies without servers), and in their servers, ensuring mobility to workers. Another possibility is using a smartphone app, which helps to provide flexibility for companies with multiple environments.

This caution produces organization of the printing documents and a specific control since the secure releaser requires passwords, PIN, badge, or biometrics. With this information, the managers easily account for the printings – whether through a person or a department – and, with the same caution, safeguard the privacy of important information.

Accounting – Besides the individualization of printing costs in people or departments, the system should inform who orders the print, when, and where, which will help to determine if this print was necessary. With this information, the process of accounting becomes simple, and it is easy to determine a cost center or project.

A manager loves a system that offers the possibility to issue reports in a simpler way and with dashboards, no matter which specific data are necessary. It is possible to obtain this information with safety and traceability, identifying data about login, date, and even so the tracking of specific information.

Print policies – The data accounting allows the manager to establish a print policy. It is a smart and efficient way to provide economy, efficiency and reduce the use of the supplies, according to real data and users and department’s behavior. The organization can set policies for blocking prints, to inform your people, or for conversion, according to specific purposes.

The purpose is to create an advantage

The organizations search for technologies, which can help to find the solution to specific demands smartly and more simply. Print policies and accountings aim to reduce costs and achieve this goal are essential, but the clients should not forget how to do that with simplicity. More than just focus on basic functionalities, the organizations must think if installation and implementation will be the less traumatic possible.

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