What are the needs of a secure printing environment in organizations?

September 16, 2021

This feature helps companies that hold several offices, have a network of subsidiaries, or split groups on multiple floors.

Imagine an executive that works in a national company and needs to be in meetings with private data at several subsidiaries. Would it be smart to print confidential information and travel with them? The answer is no, especially if the person needs to carry documents for all the participants of the encounter.

Let us suppose that the executive sent documents to print before traveling, arrived at the other office, accessed a printer, made a secure release via password, biometrics, and badge, and took the documents to the other employees in this meeting.

This is one benefit from the secure release feature in an organization. It assures the confidentiality of information to those who need to have these data.

Now, let us consider that the same executive arrived at another subsidiary with strict control of impressions – a limited volume per user and a restriction for external people, according to a very clear print policy. What would happen? Nothing. The executive would print normally; even so, there are different rules. 

There is more: the information about these documents will go to the cost center of the executive. The data accounting indicates the origin of the impression, when it happened, and who ordered and secure released. With this careful management, the solution guarantees data gathering and avoids problems in subsidiaries with other policies.

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Big or split headquarters

The secure release of printing documents is positive not only in travels, but for companies and industries with wide headquarters – and, in some cases, open spaces for a walk – or divided at several floors. The workers can send the documents to a line and withdraw them in any printer of the company.

It is a manner to avoid regular situations in companies’ routine, like forgetting documents at the table or at the printer shelf and the need to return to retrieve them. In many cases, there is not the necessary time and the team decides to make a second print without need, which generates more costs and possible privacy issues.

Step by step

  • The worker sent the document for printing.
  • It will print only when the people went to adevice and made a secure release.
  • The worker can retrieve from any device.
  • The printing costs will go to the cost center of that worker, without encumbering others departments or subsidiaries.
  • The management system will separate data, facilitating the posterior analysis by the executives.

How does it work for the secure release of printings?

The documents hold in line in a private cloud that allows the retrieval after only the secure release. These files stay in line and could not be printed or taken by other employees, since there is a need for a password, PIN, app, badge, or biometrics. The system registers the information and drives that to the specific cost center.

The option for this feature result in:

  • Flexibility gives mobility to the user print at the proper place and moment.
  • The IT is easy, since the files hold in a unique line, avoiding troubles to manage this information.
  • Cost reduction and environment support because documents are not forgotten at the printer shelf, optimizing the use of toners and other supplies.
  • It enhances security, since guarantees the privacy of information. 
  • Productivity grows because people do not need to wait in line to get documents or to return to retrieve important information.

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