Why do retailers need a print management solution?

October 19, 2021

Even with the good economic perspectives with vaccination, retailers are searching for lower costs in areas where it is possible to be more productive without affecting results and customer experience.

Retail sales in 2021 expect to grow between 10.5% and 13.5% in the United States, according to The National Retail Federation (NRF). The United States is like a mirror for other countries all over America. More people vaccinated means a reopening economy and better foundations. This context helps to deliver results at a more accelerated pace than previously predicted in different countries.

However, the retailers had to deal with an environment of cutting operational costs in the last two years. Even with the good perspectives, there is a constant search for lower costs in areas where it is possible to be more productive without affecting results and customer experience. For this reason, the retailers had to find out the print management systems.

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The challenges for retailers

Imagine a retailer with magazines all over a big country, like the United States, Brazil, or Mexico. Besides the people who work in administration sectors, it is necessary to develop and implement a print policy that fulfills all the requirements of the stores and can respect the limits of costs for people or sectors. Many of them suffer from high-volume printing costs and in-house printer problems.

Therefore, print management will help to overthrow difficulties, as several types of printers, which need different consumables for each device. This avoids the trouble of getting the right supplies to the right location at the right time, which leads to a necessary logistics solution.

When a retailer hires a print management system, the purpose is to guarantee that all stores will have the necessary equipment and supplies to print wherever they want. For this, the solution offers a possibility to managers to determine the rules and protocols to ensure productivity and control of costs.

Another advantage is not being concerned about performing maintenance, making adjustments, and replace components or toners, and other tasks. Besides, retailers do not need to purchase new printers or equipment just to guarantee that stores could fully operate, including advertising strategy. The pandemics had shifted our lives to digital, but, in many cases, printed information helps the customer to decide on stores.

Which benefits does a print management solution offer?

  • Print-on-demand – The retailers can personalize information, according to customers’ profiles. For many vendors, manuals or other information about products can help to inform the consumers.
  • Capture and share information – It is possible to improve workflow communication between locations, scanning and delivering documents to the right people. Digitalization of information facilitates to store, organize, retrieve and share information among the company. This helps facilitate communication and collaboration throughout your organization and between different locations and departments, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Compliance – Each country had created its data protection legislation. Retailers must protect sensitive customer data and confidential information – in many cases, errors in this area could lead to fines. It is fundamental to protect critical data, which includes documents and devices. With a print management solution, the retailers can focus on selling and not other concerns.
  • Reinforce information – Many customers that go to physical stores want to see the products. In many cases, print information like manuals or guides can facilitate their decision process, helping vendors and expanding results. Print information can be included in the marketing strategy of the companies. It is also possible to place QR Codes or other elements in the products, mixing the physical with the digital features.
  • Labeling solutions – Pricing labels and return/shipping labels are necessary for several stores. The retail should be able to do this kind of work by itself. A print management solution helps to achieve this freedom without concerns.

Do you not know which the necessary features in print management are? This article can help you to understand how the solution works. 

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