What are the benefits of pull printing for a print environment?

November 11, 2021

Reduce waste of resources, increase security and data privacy and give freedom to employees are some advantages.

Pandemics are dictating new trends in the corporative universe. Home office and hybrid work are two examples of changes caused by social isolation and are already a reality for many corporations. One of the adjustments in the office environment is the search for technologies that allow access to print documents without touch-in devices.

That is the concept of “Pull Printing”, a feature that optimizes print management and the use of devices. The expression “pull printing” means that documents sent for print will wait in a kind line, requiring authentication to release printing.

The use of touchless technologies allows that the employee to release by his smartphone or his badge. It is also possible to set passwords or PINs to secure document release with the necessary mobility and control.

For many dealer’s customers, this technology is essential to a print environment, allowing the print organization with fewer devices. In contrast to what we could expect, the employees usually like this solution, because facilitate time management, collects documents without waiting in lines, or the need to interrupt the actual work.

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Gain advantage with pull printing

Besides reducing health issues, the adoption of pull printing results in several advantages for companies, including applying a print policy. Companies that are searching for a dealer should analyze this kind of benefit when it comes to the time to choose a supplier. See below the main advantages:

  • Reduce waste – There is nothing worse than companies watching the waste of resources in printing documents that are forgotten at the devices. The necessity of Pull Printing will diminish this kind of situation since the orders for print require authorization.
  • Security and data privacy – Confidential information will stay safe and not be accessed by people without the necessary authorization. One of the main problems in offices is when people forget documents at printers with sensitive information.
  • More productivity – Most employees like to finish a task before going to a printer to withdraw a document. With pull printing, it is possible to give the order and remove the document later, not influencing the daily routine. NDD Print allows following the impression, avoiding waste of time waiting to finish the print. 
  • IT focus – IT department can focus on strategic operations for business. Printers, their supplies, and the system behind this are not their responsibility. This way, people can dedicate themselves to relevant tasks for the company, leaving print management for the dealer.
  • Devices optimization – Gain more for less is a reality in most cases. With fewer printers, it is possible to support the print demand of a business. People tend to be more organized, averting lines at the devices and facilitating the daily routine.

Pull printing is a way to benefit all the people engaged in a print environment: the business can do more with less structure; people can focus on your daily routine and your pace of work and need of printing, and all the teams involved at the support can shift for strategic activities. In short, it is worth the investment.

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