Why do you need a 360 view of print management?

August 31, 2021

Dashboards can help the dealer and the dealer’s customer to make the best decision to achieve better results with print management.

It is no news that information is necessary to make good decisions, mainly in a world guided by data. However, the form of presentation can help the managers to understand the issues and try to find solutions to solve them or enhance productivity. 

A data dashboard is an information management tool used to track, analyze and show key performance indicators (KPI’s) and metrics. Dealer and the dealer’s customer will take advantage of this information to managing print – digital workflow enhances companies’ productivity –, because they facilitate the observation of relevant markers.

With this kind of metrics, the dealers’ customers monitor and optimize the process faster – and even the dealer can look at the numbers and customize the services to the client. 

With this technology, it is easier to avoid wastes at operations, give awareness of printing policies and expand security in print environments. These benefits follow an amplification of mobility and control, especially with mobile apps.

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What resources should you search for?

Dashboards are essential, but for the dealers the technology must offer other specific features, considering the reality of the print environment of your customer. See some of them below: 

  • Cloud Solution – The cloud is necessary to offer a simple way to implement the technology without a local server.
  • Multi manufacturer – The technology must work with all types of devices.
  • Scalable – If you need to increase the contract, it is simple to do that. The same happens in an attempt to reduce the contract.
  • Limitless – Without limitation of users, printers, computers, and volumetry.
  • Integrated – Easily integrated with all sorts of systems.

What does the system should offer?

The dealers’ customers, however, have other necessities, which directly affect their daily use. The purpose of the solution is to reduce costs with servers (hardware and licenses) and maintenance. The system should adapt to other technology solutions and daily routines, processes, and practices. 

This form of view must help managers to make good decisions. It is possible to receive all the dashboard and necessary information to management with embedded solutions at the printers. 

There are also other features:

  • Serverless – There is no need for a printing server, which reduce traffic and process. You can also manage operations in the cloud.  - Policies – It is possible to establish printing quotas with the purpose of discipline and control users.
  • USB devices specialist – You need just one agent to account for and apply printing policies. It also needs to monitor counters and supplies. 
  • Reports – Several reports and graphs with all the history of consumption. It is easy to generate and export. 
  • Live update – You do not need to search for updates: your software already automatically did this.
  • Efficient installation and easy maintenance – The system do this remotely, without sending workers to the environment. All the features are delivered online, easily, and quickly.

A 360 view of the system helps dealers and dealers’ customers to provide the best decisions in a print environment. 

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