How does the dealer benefit from working with NDD solutions

August 24, 2021

Print Management Software must be easy, secure, reliable, and modern, offering features aligned to dealers’ customer needs.

Easy, secure, reliable, and modern. A dealer should seek these four adjectives in a print management software partner’s solution. Ultimately, the focus should be on the dealer’s customer necessities, but it is important to be able to deliver this in a controlled way that could also benefit the dealer.

Easy – The initial and daily setup must be hassle-free as possible. Who wants to spend time fixing problems? It should be intuitive, easy to use to integrate with other systems (for dealers and their customers).

Secure – We are living in a time of remote work. Therefore, it is important to deliver a secure solution, whatever the way they are working now and will work in the future: home office, hybrid environments, or on-site.

Reliable – Previous experience should count in a commercial partner. You and your customers need the printing experience fast with no concerns.

Modern – The technology must fit the needs of the customers, increasing features aligned with the current reality.

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How does the dealer benefit from working with NDD Print?

The foundation of a dealers’ work is offering features aligned to the customer’s interest and, at the same time, being able to control, monitor, and reduce their costs. The existing technology developed by NDD – NDD Print 360 and Digital Shift – can provide this capacity.

This is the perfect scenario for a dealer: a world where it can delight its customer and find the right indicator to follow the progress of the work. If it can save supplies, reduce displacements of employees to the client’s plant and succeed in pleasing the customer, the solution will achieve these goals.

To reach this perfect situation, NDD Print 360 provide features that will help dealers to achieve their best performance:

  • Releaser Module – A private cloud of printings that centralize and retain all the documents in their repository. All the printings wait in line (in local or cloud server) until the safety release for the employee. It could happen by email, by biometrics, by a badge, or by password or PIN. The feature also removes documents that stay in line for a time that the dealer can set.
  • Guidelines – When a dealer’s customer hires a print management software, it usually expects that the company can reduce the number of documents printed; monitor the total of prints of each department or person, and so on. NDD Print 360 delivers the possibility to create a policy to manage users. The company can establish rules to block, inform or convert.

It is common to create a policy with several purposes:

  • Create awareness of printers used in an economic mode.
  • Automatically convert prints to two-sided.
  • Restrict some types of documents. 
  • Limit features that a user can apply to a device: print, copy, and scan or just some of them.
  • Accounting – The feature allows the dealer and dealer’s customer to record and assign costs of printing. It can identify who, when, and where each user had printed and monitored the environmental and economic costs of the printing documents.
  • Digital Shift – The first care toward digital transformation is to digitize documents in a reliable repository of information. This feature enables the personalization of the folder and the workflow of the process. The next step to dealers is to offer a service that helps the customer to evolve through the future, which is already possible with Digital Shift.

Digitalization service can become one of the pillars of the natural evolution for digital companies. The employees can do this with their smartphone (considering remote work or home office) or on-site at the organizations’ devices. Wherever the way they choose, the information will be stored with safety and reliability in the right repository.

If you expect to take the next step toward the future, you should know NDD Print MPS 360 and its features. It can transform the way that dealers and their clients work, easily integrated with other systems already adopted by both companies.

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