Review 2021: Start 2022 on the right foot with the right features for print management

January 13, 2022

See below a list with six aspects that have marked the year 2021 and should be in 2022 planning.

Observing what happened in 2021 could be a clever path to start 2022 on the right foot. Many features and trends will follow in the next year and if the IT dealers and IT providers cannot implement than immediately, they should be in the planning for 2022. 

See some aspects that were the highlight of 2021

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1) Home office / Hybrid work

Despite immunization’s enhancement, many companies opted to keep their workers at home office or in a hybrid model. A PWC research showed that this way of work is more than just a trend: 83% of the companies should maintain this legal regime in the future. 

If the traditional print environment reduces its relevancy, this does not mean that the outsourcing lost space. The reality is the opposite. There is a possibility that companies keep providing devices with a different profile: for residential use, which is an opportunity for IT providers.

2) Devices monitoring

How will it be possible to monitor printers spread at employees’ homes? That is the purpose of agent’s monitoring. It allows keeping track of the performance of each device, foreseeing maintenances, and facilitating the change of supplies. At the same time, the feature collects data and gives subsidies to the dealer to make clever decisions.

There are several advantages, like remote access and settings; intelligent displacement of people to supply and maintenance; proactive action; and data safety.

3) Zoom fatigue

Digital documents and virtual meetings were a dream in a traditional routine. However, many workers showed signs of tiredness to make all the activities in their devices, which take them to print more, according to a Quocirca research.

The same people said that they were more productive at home, but the ability to print some documents reduced the fatigue. The need to have documents within easy reach gained a name: Zoom Fatigue, due to one of the well-known applications to arrange virtual meetings.

4) Data security

With the network of workers spread worldwide, one of the main concerns for companies was data security. The promulgation of specific laws about the subject in several countries emphasizes the topic. Besides technology, IT dealers and IT providers should focus on the capacitation of clients and their workers to reduce failure risk.

Clients will require companies to assure the privacy of the data that goes through the printers, including those at employees’ homes. 

5) Pull printing

This feature is also relevant to protect data privacy since it avoids confidential information lost at printers. When an employee sends a document to print, the feature assures that it holds in a kind of line, waiting for clearance to be printed.

There are several ways to do this authentication, including smartphones or name tags, in a contactless way. It is also possible to authorize by password, PIN, or biometrics.

6) Software as a Service (SaaS)

All the topics above show that a IT dealers work is far more than just sending devices for companies, wherever it is in a print environment or at employees’ homes. It is necessary to offer the ability to control all the operations in a decentralized way. There is a bonus: the whole operation could scale, suiting companies for several sizes with an accessible cost.

With SaaS, options like establishing print policies became simpler and smoothly applicable, including with customization inside the own company (among departments, for example).

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