Managed Print Services should comeback in 2022

December 16, 2021

MPS must follow the revival of countries economics and benefit from the possibilities of growing after two difficult years.

The next year should represent a comeback for many economic segments, including Managed Print Services (MPS). Pandemics caused a huge global impact, affecting the productive chains of several sectors and countries. According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), the economic contraction was 3.3%, with a forecast of recovery in 2021 (6%) and following in 2022 (4.4%).

The nations’ results reflect the performance of companies in your territories. The world must live a virtuous circle, leading companies to increase the performance and hire more people, which generate more consumption – most consumers save their funds in a pandemic context. The immunization increase and the possibility of a comeback in 2022 help regain customer confidence.

The MPS works in a segment less affected by pandemics – IT –, but still experienced the gaps of productive chains. That sector depends on the performance of the others to keep and enhance contracts, analyzing the needs of the clients as the dealers’ demands.

See below some characteristics of the MPS’s comeback in 2022:

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Acquiring devices – Many segments in 2021 faced a lack of materials and supplies, especially the technological ones. That created barriers to making investments, since there was no equipment available at the market. When there is a lack of supplies, there is a natural increase in price. It is the law of the market.

In 2022, this situation should normalize. However, the high prices of devices will require the planning of the dealers to achieve new contracts, considering the structure and shortage of supplies in each country.

More business sales – In the transition to home office, there were more purchases of entry-level printers, most of them are suitable for home use. In contrast, the more capable devices, used in commercial offices, lost their space due to the necessity of social isolation.

Many companies will keep their teams at home, but others opted for hybrid models or the traditional office. That should help return corporate agreements. For dealers, the investment in devices with corporative profiles could be intelligent, since the pandemics keep the stock at a high level.

Home office – The dealers will need to fulfill the requirements of their customers for devices and solutions linked with the home office. It is important to offer safety for users and the company, digitization workflow, and capacity to manage each employer with personalized reports.

These solutions must offer access and workflows incorporated into the business routine. One of the natural paths is tools to remote monitor the use of devices at the home office, ensuring the respect of print policies.

Sustainability – Companies and workers know that they must smartly use resources, wherever it is a print cartridge or paper. The digital transformation eliminated the physical process but showed the importance of print documents in some moments.

Printing in distribution centers – Many customers liked this new way of buying by e-commerce and other digital models. This behavior should keep in the following years, even with the end of mobility restrictions. The impact of digital requires planning and logistics attention, especially in the distribution centers. At these places, the printers have a key role, used to guide the flow of packages. MPS will have great importance in the management and health of this segment.

Making projections is always a complex task. But keeping track of market movements to place themselves at the right place is important. The MPS market should follow the economic flow of nations, from a positive perspective in this post-pandemics scenario.

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