Is the data that goes through your printers safe?

December 9, 2021

Technologic platform should focus on collecting just the necessary information, assuring data privacy.

One of the main concerns when it comes to hiring a Managed Print Services (MPS) is data security. A Quocirca study shows that 72% are concerned about print-related security breaches and 77% are increasing spending on print security. The survey collected information about 250 organizations with over 250 employees in the UK, France, Germany, and United States.

Many clients hire a dealers’ solution aiming to solve safety issues. In many countries, there is specific legislation about data security. That requires a large amount of investment and specialized people to fulfill the requirements. The difficulty: collecting data is necessary, but not the content. That is the reason that the solution should focus on the metadata from the system. 

When it comes to safety, it is necessary to offer more than a reliable environment that offers pull printing, eliminating the presence of sensitive information at the printer tray. The focus is to assure data privacy, including the dealer. One of the key questions should be: is the knowledge that goes through your printers safe? Does the solution access documents that must be confidential?

For the sake of print management, the solution must collect critical data that allow administration. It is necessary to know who ordered the print, the number of pages, when and where they were printed, and so on. These are basic information for the decision-making of the dealers and their customers, but they must preserve the content of the documents.

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The types of metadata

There are several types of metadata:

  • From App – This is the register that allows tracking information introduced by users, as comments and alterations.
  • From System – This offers the name of the document, the size of the file, including modifications, but does not access the content.
  • Embedded metadata – They relate to forms in spreadsheets, hyperlinks, or associated files, which authorize checks on the created content.

In NDD Print, the only capture is the metadata from the system, assuring the privacy of information. The technology collects only the necessary information for print management.

Safety structure 

Recently, many countries changed the safety legislation about data protection. The typical movement was to increase the responsibility of the companies in case of a data leak. NDD Print did not collect any confidential information, which is a guarantee for dealers and customers.

In the case of embedded metadata or from the app, it will be possible to recover printed information. One of the main arguments is that data protection demands encryption. That is the reason why scalability and pace lose performance.

There is also another challenge for dealers. They must provide a mix of layers between hardware and software, offering safety, functionality, and feasibility for operation. MPS expertise also helps to assist the dealers’ customers to solve gaps: people. 

There is no surprise that the Quocirca survey showed that internal users caused 32% of print security incidents.

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