Increase mobility, agility, and productivity with a secure print releaser in your hand

January 18, 2022

Download NDD Print 360 in Android and iOS stores, assuring the ability to print and control the system with a smartphone.

Mobility, agility, and productivity are three words and concepts that each business seeks in its operations. Due to pandemics, they gained still more importance. This tripod became essential to allow workers to remain in their homes and maintain business operating, even with social restrictions.

The possibility of work everywhere, including the hybrid contracts, must follow agility and the capacity to solve complex problems and find solutions at a distance. The technology and the necessary tools help companies to achieve productivity, a concept that most companies search for all the time, and reflects in the optimization of technology and human resources.

But what if your company could achieve this? And better: with one single app installed on the smartphone. This feature exists and allows optimizing documents digitalization and securing print releaser. Follow this article to learn more.

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More control with productivity 

As we said above, print management implements a feature that secures print releaser. This function offers more control in contracts management, helps with security and data protection concerns, and gives more flexibility to workers.

With this mechanism, it is possible to withdraw documents safely with a smartphone. The orders wait in a species of line, which needs authentication to be printed. The solution is also known as pull printing.

What happens if the worker forgets to send the order when he is working from home? Alternatively, if he works in a huge company and is far off your table or personal device?

In the end, both the company and the employers benefit from this kind of feature.

NDD Print 360 mobile

It is a free application available for Android and iOS. The users may print from everywhere and withdraw in any printer, which leads to agility, mobility, and security. What is the main advantage? The feature excludes the figure of a computer or a release terminal to print, which is a huge necessity in the context of a home office or hybrid environments.

Since the app remains connected to the client network, each user can freely move between sectors or subsidiaries without concerns about the possibility of print. The worker can print at any device from the company, enhancing productivity and gaining time. More important: the company maintains control of each document printed and could be related to a person or a sector to facilitate management.

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