Cloud print management will dominate the market

July 11, 2022

Hybrid work and post-pandemic context showed the base moving to the cloud from 2022 to 2025, according to research from Quocirca.

Cloud print management will take shape in the next years due to the interest and clients’ demand for this technology. That is one of the conclusions of a report developed by the global company Quocirca. Hybrid work is one of the main reasons for the requirement of cloud solutions for clients. 

That new working model makes companies aim to cloud services, including cloud print management solutions. The Quocirca reports focus on the period from 2022 to 2025, when the shift to cloud services must accelerate. Some key insights are: 

  • Some 31% puts cloud services as the top investment priority in 2022. 
  • Almost half (45%) have implemented remote print job submission. 
  • Eight in ten companies (80%) believe in the cloud as a part of a sustainability strategy. 
  • The market will shift in the next few years: 38% consider cloud as a key MPS supplier selection factor, while 40% say that transitioning print services will be a key driver for MPS adoption. 

According to that new reality, companies are searching for services that set them apart in a decentralized operation, like the one offered by NDD Print, one of the main cloud print management references

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More security 

In the beginning, cloud services were viewed with caution due to safety concerns – understand what is a secure print job in this article. Many companies believed that keeping their files and information in on-premise servers would be safer than outsourcing cloud services. That vision is completely renewed some years later. 

There are several reasons for that transition. One of them is the changes in the work environment in a post-pandemic scenario, which made cloud print services gain importance for companies. In this new reality, it is not surprising that almost four in ten companies (38%) put the offer of cloud as a reason to influence the partner they opted to work with. 

Over half of the respondents (52%) consider cloud print environments safety than on-premise services. The ability to manage multiple devices following the needs of a digital workforce demands a structure that allows people to have mobility and agility, assuring benefits for all employees

Other important factors 

There are many benefits of counting on the cloud than on-premise solutions. We listed five advantages of a SaaS platform in this article, but other two factors stand out: 

– Cloud continues to grow – One in five companies (20%) expect their IT infrastructure to be fully in the cloud by 2025, which means a 6% rise. More than four in ten (41%) believe it to be mostly in the cloud than today, a 21% rise. “More organizations recognize the benefits of eliminating or minimizing their reliance on on-premises print servers”, says the research. 

MPS maturity and cloud maturity are differentIt looks like companies require a transition period to understand the benefits of cloud print management. Enterprises that already operate in a hybrid environment are more willing to adopt cloud solutions, including to the print environment. 

The signs are clear: the future of print management solutions will be in the cloud. Is your company prepared for that? 

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