How to guarantee a straightforward print environment?

June 27, 2022

Companies with offices spread out for countries or cities can count on specific features, including pull printing.

When a company hires a print management solution, one of the greatest fears is the difficulty administrating multiple spaces: subsidiaries spread in cities, home offices, and hybrid work. With this new reality, that is the print providers’ role showing how the solution can guarantee a straightforward print environment, regardless of the number of existing offices. 

That is the third and the last article from the series “Efficient print management with NDD”. You can read the other articles below: 

The managed print service must consider all the devices in the company, regardless of their localization. In the reports, it will be possible to manage the full print environment, as well as each subsidiary, with customized information. The data will be segmented to make sure that the organization knows how to act in each location. 

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Agility, safety, and mobility 

Another recurrent fear from companies is that the print management solution cannot be able to accompany the necessary mobility with multiple offices. That is the reason why NDD Print 360 offers a feature called “Print Secure Release” or “Pull Print” to secure document releases with the necessary mobility and control

The documents hold in line in a private cloud that allows the retrieval after only the secure release. These files could not be printed or taken by other employees: it is necessary to put a password, PIN, app, badge, or biometrics to release the document. The system registers the information and drives that to the specific cost center. 

In companies with multiple offices, the employer can send the documents to print and withdraw in another city or subsidiary. That is the idea why pull printing becomes one of the most expected features for clients since helps with employees’ mobility and secures private information from companies, avoiding them circulate in airports. 

The Print Secure Release is very easy to become available, since is offered as a Software as a Service, without the need to install programs on the local machines. 

Print Secure Releaser: step by step 

– The worker sent the document for printing before traveling or moving from another office; 

– The file stays in a line. It will print only when the people get to a device and confirm a secure release with a password, PIN, app, badge, or biometrics; 

– When the employer arrives at the destination, he needs to find a device to withdraw the document; 

– The printing costs will go to the specific cost center, without encumbering other departments or subsidiaries; 

– The management system will separate data, facilitating the posterior analysis by the executives and assuring supplies replacement and preventive maintenance. 

What are the advantages of print secure release? 

– Flexibility – Users can send files to print and collect lately, wherever they are. 

– Safety and compliance – The company assures data safety, respects local legislation about data protection, and avoids sensitive information in the trays. 

– More productivity – People do not need to interrupt their tasks to recover documents since they need to authenticate before the final printing. 

– Cost reduction – The authentication avoids forgotten files in the trays, optimizing paper and supplies consumption. 

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Offline printing 

A new feature from NDD Print 360 is the i-Serverless. It becomes a function that dismisses print servers, unifying and retaining files in the devices. So far, the function only operates at the printers from Ricoh’s, simplifying the action in the same network. 

We finish the series “Efficient print management with NDD” with this article. Do you have other doubts about the theme? We are eager to answer your questions! 

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