Do you know how a software can help your Managed Print Services?

July 16, 2020

Make a decision that defines the future of your managed print services. You can have a better control, reduce costs and raise your profits.

When NDD started in 2004, the mission for the company was to give a new solution for our partners. The main idea, since the beginning, was to develop a solution to reduce costs related with supplies and devices for cost per page contracts.

The first solution was named n-billing. It was a software for print management software for user tracking and reports. After few month, new features were added like print rules and print secure release.

At this time, n-billing had a basic view for meters and supplies for the printers. Then, after a decision, NDD decided to remove the information from meter and supplies from the n-billing and created a new solution called Global Partner.

With the success of Global Partner, NDD found a niche and working with key partners, created a new solution for MPS that provides all the information needed for a MPS provider keeping the same idea of reducing costs on the operational side as well improving the way to manage more printers with less resources inside the MPS provider. In the other hand, n-billing was upgraded to a new platform called 360 solutions.

But what these software can do for your business?

With nddPrint MPS, the MPS provider has centralized control of all operations, that helps to increase the productivity levels. A solution that uses printer behavior to predict the supply consumption. The other tools are:

  • Meter monitoring
  • Supply chain management
  • Print alerts monitoring
  • USB printer monitoring

On the other hand, there is nddPrint 360. A solution that gives monitoring and full control of the printing resources usage. With these solutions is possible to do:

  • Job Accounting – It identifies the users that are printing and assign print costs to departments, projects, and cost centers.
  • Print Rules – Gives the ability to create rules and filters to deny certain types of print jobs, convert color jobs to mono as well as avoid users to use the MFP functions if needed. The main target is bring cost reductions to the customer.
  • Print Secure Release – Print jobs are stored on the network and will only be printed after the user authenticate himself on the printer, or using the mobile app.  It also brings the feature where the print job will follow the user to the printer that is being used to print.

nddPrint can do even more for your business and to your customer. But to know more about what we can to, you can schedule a meeting with our sales specialists. To learn more about NDD and nddPrint, click here.


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