Learn how one solution can reduce your costs with printers supplies

July 30, 2020

Managed Print Service is common around the Printing Business, but not everyone knows how to deliver the best way to increase profits.

The nddPrint MPS is a solution specialized on the management and operation of printer fleets. The portal works under a cloud platform, factor that allows the operations to be managed from a central dashboard, whether for a small or an enterprise customer, with single or multiple sites.

The management of these information makes the monitoring work more efficient, giving better control and analysis of profitability of contracts, offering back to you a better way to use your time, since the solution offer a set of tools for the management, analysis and automation of routines and processes.

Within you can manage all your devices with meter, supplies, printer alerts, and customer inventory, it all online

With nddPrint MPS you can have more precision on your printing environment

  • nddPrint MPS monitors the printer and set up a consumption profile for it – this brings greater precision for replenishing supplies. From there, it controls and monitors the stocks that are in the customers, integrating them with the printers. A differential in relation to the market.
  • Then, when a printer replaces a supply, nddPrint MPS automatically updates the customer’s inventory.
  • Now, it’s not just the printer: it’s the customer’s device + stock, automatically integrated.
  • MPS still monitors or acts on the logistics of the provider’s replacement for your client. In this case, integrating end to end: integrating the printer + customer stock on one side and the ERP on the other, which controls the supplier’s internal stocks.
  • Then, the supply replacement flow starts at the printer and moves up the chain. When MPS suggested a replacement, it analyzed the supply inside the printer + the supply in the customer’s inventory + the replacement logistics.

It’s not about printer monitoring anymore, but about process. This is the differential, so the product replaces only what is necessary or replaces it closer to the ideal.

Our features are:

Monitoring – Can operate in distributed environments. The solution is able to increase productivity through accurate data collection of printer information and the equipment can also be identified geographically through a dynamic map.

Supplies – The solution monitors the supplies status and page counts to monitor and calculate the indexes and requirements for the operation of the supplies in use.

All monitored supplies have their metrics based on the behavior of the printers. Thus, the predictability of when the supply will be empty is based on the usage of the printer device, added to factors such as the current consumption profile, the page coverage rate and the history of supplies already exchanged.

The metrics still identify whether the supply has been fully used, or if part of the toner have been wasted by an unnecessary exchange. It brings automation and agility to identify when the supply needs to be sent to the customer.

Closing metrics – The system is an aid tool to close customer contracts on a monthly basis, with aggregate characteristics that optimize processes

Reports – It has a series of reports to assist in its management: they provide information from the most varied areas, allowing the management of supplies, stocks, events, monitoring and closing contracts.

Alerts and Events – Proactively detects devices failures, immediately warning the technicians in charge, according to how critical the event is and how the rules have been filed and escalates services in order to expedite the incident resolution. Using the rules for the printer events, the portal gives the ability to select only events that are important for the incident resolution working flow, having a automatized process to speed up the resolution time.

The monitoring of events is done directly in the customer’s environment, through network protocols queries by SNMP.

Have this solution in your printing environment. Learn how to reduce costs with consumables and increase your profitability.


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