nddPrint MF Canon: discover the technology for printers

João Marcelino - Analista de Marketing NDD
May 28, 2020
nddPrint MF Canon: soluções sob medida para impressoras Canon

The nddPrint 360 solution now has a solution to monitor print jobs from a Canon MFP. The nddPrint MF Canon brings all the benefits for the manufacturer’s printers and a series of advantages for all Canon customers. Learn more about this release!

Getting to know the nddPrint MF Canon

nddPrint MF Canon is a component to be installed in a Windows Servers – or workstations – that monitors all print and copy jobs from a Canon device.

nddPrint MF Canon uses the network to monitor the print jobs avoiding the installation of an agent at each PC to monitor the windows spool file. It is compatible with printers with the CPCA V2 protocol.

In this way, the installation and configuration are faster and helps to reduce possible inconsistencies to the print job monitoring, since it happens directly from the MFP records, using the CPCA V2 protocol.

More benefits

The management becomes centralized and server less, making the nddPrint MF Canon an ally to reducing costs, also an easy way to maintain as all configurations/settings are in one install location.

Learn more about nddPrint solutions for Canon devices

To learn more about the nddPrint MF Canon, go to the manufacturers’ page clicking on the button below. There, you will have the description of features, more information on the benefits and the list of printers compatible with the solution:

Have any questions? Just ask in the comments below!

nddPrint: tailored solutions for Canon printers



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