Supply savings and more advantages of nddPrint MPS

September 28, 2020

Supply savings and more advantages of nddPrint MPS

We speak, here on the NDD Blog, about trends and the main challenges for the printing business that arose with the pandemic. Even after it ends, the impact will still be felt, and companies will need to retake their growth and earnings gradually. In this sense, some actions can be taken to make this recovery less time-consuming. One of them is the savings with supplies for the MPS providers, which is the subject of this content. How about knowing a little more?

nddPrint MPS: helping with supply savings

nddPrint MPS, the most complete printing business management system on the market, results in much more than control for your operations: with it, you can optimize your billing, automate processes and jobs within your operation – which results in a significant reduction in expenses – and still has a noticeable reduction in logistics and operating costs.

In addition to all this, nddPrint users now have an innovative toner saving tool! But before that, let’s understand a little bit of each of the other items:

Optimizing billing

With the closing support system, nddPrint MPS assists in the monthly closing of your contracts, improving and optimizing this stage of your process.

It allows administrators to execute the necessary flows to generate correct reference values to use during the client’s accounting closing. In other words, nddPrint MPS makes it possible to configure parameters to have, at the end of the month, the accounting closing of printing environments in a more agile and optimized way.

Also, the system counts with alerts for accounting closings and printers, specialized in pointing out exceptions with the potential to generate delays or losses.

Automating processes

From the beginning to the end of its functions, nddPrint MPS has a clear objective: to automate processes. Being a truly complete and robust system, it offers possibilities to improve workflows, avoid waste, anticipate problems, and automate solutions.

Besides, it gives greater visibility to outsourcing information, thanks to the embedded monitoring agents and their various control possibilities, such as the compatibility of monitoring equipment with USB connection and other agents.

Reduction in logistics and operating costs

From the implementation to the effective monitoring and control that nddPrint MPS does, within the printing outsourcing companies, it is responsible for a cycle of cost reduction that never ends.

That is, because the system allows the predictive shipment of supplies and proactivity in monitoring print environments, which results in the reduction of manual interventions.

Also, it assists in the control of premature exchanges allowing the recovery of the production of supplies removed prematurely.

The result, in practice, is to prevent supplies from stalling or being removed prematurely, and thus, wasted money.

EcoToner: a new nddPrint MPS feature to make a good impression with your customers

In addition to offering automation and cost reduction, operational and logistical in the printing market, nddPrint MPS has a new feature to support its partners in achieving economy: EcoToner, the first toner saving solution exclusive to MPS providers. Click here, or on the banner below, and learn more!

A unique solution for MPS Providers focused on savings and profitability.


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