EcoToner: save toner and make a good impression

September 28, 2020

From now on, nddPrint MPS, the most complete print environment management system on the market, has yet another exclusive technology to guarantee savings for outsourcing providers: EcoToner. A feature created to reduce the toner waste, generating cost reduction and more profitability to the users of the system.

Getting to know EcoToner

EcoToner is a feature designed to make supplies last longer, resulting in savings and profitability. It is visible and manageable, exclusively, by the printing business who can adapt the levels of savings according to their reality.

Also, the configuration is easy and on a large scale, being able to remotely manage a large number of printers at once.

How it works

It acts reducing print shade at levels configurable by the administrator, starting at 0% and resulting in different percentages of savings, such as 20%, a level that generates a reduction while keeping the printing quality. It can be adjusted up to 60%, according to your needs.

The operating technology of EcoToner does not change the document content, removing pixels, or other interventions. It works only fading the printed pages, making the documents “clearer”, without any other impact.

The result is remarkable toner savings, with no significant loss of quality by up to 20% reduction, ensuring that your customers’ documents will not undergo unwanted modifications.

Multi-manufacturer feature

Like other nddPrint technologies, EcoToner is a multi-manufacturer feature, that is, it works on any printer, as long as it has the PCL6 driver.

Know everything about the EcoToner

With nddPrint MPS you get results, control, efficiency, and savings. Now, with EcoToner, your business will reach another level.

If you want to know more about EcoToner, click here, or on the banner below!

EcoToner: a unique solution that saves 20% of toner keeping the printing quality. Learn more!


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